Department of Justice Review of the State Policy on the Protection of Agricultural Land. Invitation to Local Government consultation workshop …

The Department of Justice is seeking input from local councils on the Draft Policy and supporting documents prepared as part of the review of the PAL Policy 2000.

The Policy review commenced in August last year with the specific focus on considering the effectiveness of the Policy in protecting agricultural land and activity, its impact on building houses and subdivision in rural areas, its implementation through planning schemes, and whether there was a need for supporting guidelines.

Following consideration of submissions, the Steering Committee has approved drafts of a revised Policy, an Implementation Guide, and a set of ‘model’ or ‘best practice’ planning scheme standards which could be adopted by local councils to give effect to the Policy. These documents have been sent to local councils through the LGAT.

The Department is holding a Statewide workshop in Launceston on Monday 14 May, to explain the approach of the review, and seek feedback on the Draft documents.

The workshop is of a technical nature with an emphasis on implementing the PAL Policy through planning schemes and testing the adequacy of the Implementation Guide and appropriateness of the model standards. It is suited to professional planning staff.