Jeff Briscoe

Battery Point Foreshore now in Council’s hands It’s the beginning of the fight for the Walkway.

Alderman Jeff Briscoe said today that foreshore land that stopped public foreshore access at 11-13 Marine Terrace is now vested in the Council following the gazetting of the acquisition last week.

“The ownership of the Battery Point foreshore is now completely in public hands . “ said Alderman Briscoe today

“This is a significant victory for the public and I am proud that the long fight to gain public access to the Battery Point foreshore is moving to the next stage which is planning for the walkway”. “So it is only the end of the beginning the real challenge is to get the walkway up” said Alderman Briscoe.

“Gaining a walkway is not going to be easy as there are a few influential foreshore and wealthy residents opposing it”

“However the walkway could be dedicated to those generations of working class women and men that historically worked and lived in Battery Point”

“I will be moving a motion at the next council meeting for the Council to immediately remove the fences on the newly acquired HCC foreshore land and that public input be sought on the design of the walkway”

“A foreshore walkway joining the Casino with the city is now a realizable vision and what tremendous benefit to Hobart residents and visitors alike it will be”

“It may be that design competition is the way to go and we need to get into partnership with the State Government with this walkway project ”

“Ironically whilst the HCC now owns land between the low water mark and the high water mark it could be the Government that could now block any construction of a foreshore walk for the people of Hobart on its land”