Margaretta Pos

The battle over what people want in the historic Hobart suburb of Battery Point will come to a head tonight (Tuesday October 3rd) at 7.30pm at the AGM of the Battery Point Sullivans Cove Community Association. I urge people to vote for Margaret Reynolds as president.
This morning I rang Friends of the Foreshore Association vice chairman Ken Hosking, to ask him who is the chairman of this incorporated body.

He refused to tell me and raved on about the dreadful story I posted on tassietimes last week, (Battery Point: swords drawn) about his organisation and divisions among residents. Mr Hosking is also on the committee of the BPSCCA. I then rang John White, also a BPSCCA committee member.

He told me immediately that he was the chairman of Friends of the Foreshore Association.

Mr White says the hard work over many years by a small number of people saved Battery Point from becoming another Potts Point, that the Battery Point Planning Scheme protects the suburb — including the foreshore as wild coastline.

Public access to the foreshore is a contentious issue. Among difficulties are two titles to the low water mark, one owned by Mr Hosking and his wife, the other by former Governor Guy Green and his wife.

Also, Incat founder Bob Clifford bull-dozed the foreshore in front of his house, appearing to give him extra land which the public can’t cross.

There are also some sliprails and jetties running into the water, some of which are difficult to cross. One notable exception is the sliprail owned by theatre impressario David Mariner, who has built steps on either side paved with sandstone.

Rightly or wrongly, many people feel that a small group of mainly waterfront residents runs the BPSCCA in their own interests and Friends of the Foreshore Association is an extension of this. Regrettably, residents were only letter boxed about the AGM this weekend and as of this morning, there has been nothing about it on the Community Hall notice board.

I urge residents, property owners, business owners or people who work in the suburb, to turn up. To vote, you must be a financial member of the BPSCCA , which costs $5 a year. You can join at the Battery Point Post Office in Hampden Rd, which closes at 6pm, or at the Community Hall before the meeting starts.

I believe it is time for a change and I nominated Margaret Reynolds to stand as president against David Edwards, who has been president for the past twelve years.

Mrs Reynolds was a Labor Senator for Queensland from 1983 to 1999 and among the positions she held, she was Minister
for Local Government from 1987 to 1990. She and her husband, historian Henry Reynolds, bought a cottage in Battery Point in 1991 and now divide their time between it and a house in Launceston.

Mrs Reynolds is in Jordan and cannot attend the meeting but I have a statement to read from her. (Unfortunately, the constitution prevents me from voting for her on the Reynolds’ behalf).