Margaretta Pos

Foreshore for All.
That’s the catch cry of those who have organised a rally on Saturday to give citizens an opportunity to demonstrate their demand for greater public access to the Battery Point foreshore.

The rally has been organised for all who want to walk along the shoreline between the city and Sandy Bay, without being stopped by fences or other man-made impediments.

It has been organised to demonstrate to the Tasmanian Government, the Hobart City Council and the Battery Point Sullivans Cove Community Association executive, some of whom are waterfront property owners, that many people in Battery Point and greater Hobart want to be able to walk along the foreshore.

Speakers include Save Ralphs Bay spokeswoman Cassy O’Connor and HCC Alderman John Freeman. There are messages of support from people who cannot attend, among them Professors Henry and Margaret Reynolds, and one public spirited waterfront resident.

The rally will be held in the AJ White Park, Finlay St, Battery Point, on Saturday, October 14th, at 2pm.