The Hag

Terry Martin you’re my hero. I want to marry you and have your babies.
Thank god, at last a little spine has formed in the corpulent, compliant body of the former Labor Party.

And it’s been most evident in that lambasted institution the Legislative Council, filled, it is often said with fat-bottomed fuddy duddies.

Well the three labor MLCs have given the lie to that, courageously standing against the right wing arch-conservative forelock-tugging to The Big End of Town of Paulie and his mates.

Thank the heavens for Alison Ritchie, Lin Thorp and Terry Martin. They are called Labor people.

Onya. And now Terry is standing, it seems, firmly on principle. He appears to be drawing a line in the sand. Thus far from Labor’s principles and no further. Martin poised to quit Labor Party

You are to be praised from the rooftops, Sir.

Meanwhile, Haggy has some other little tidbits for her three readers:

To Wit:

Remember that lovely little touch-up to the Lennon family pile (Good morning Mr Lennon)

Remember the angst with which the Great Leader greeted legitimate questioning of why it just happened to be a Gunns subsidiary doing all the lovely work on the old sandstone edifice.

Well Hag hears some scurrilous totally unsubstantiated goss which she gleefully shares with you … to wit, Premier Paul is said to be disputing the bill for labour and materials on the work done on the heap.

Does that mean if he refuses to pay … and Gunns doesn’t press the issue … he gets it for free …

And, an anonymous note from a Public Service insider:

Been keeping myself nice though. Too many people looking over shoulders where I work at the moment.

A certain set of leaks has not gone down particularly well and calling up a Hotmail site is enough to start a conspiracy theory on its own. I am doing this from home.

Here’s a whisper for you to tantalise with … a major change in the wind at the ABC … top rating figure is leaving …