The Hag

There Hag was reeling around in the Hope, attempting to drain the last drops of Green Fairy Absinthe from her generously proportioned flagon and trying the patience of the world’s most patient publican, Lindsay, when her ancient mobile trilled …
It was an informant with startling news.

The Taj was in trouble.

That glorious monument to Lennon labor Government priorities (Mr West turns in his grave, second item) was under vicious attack from a Westerly.

And a big plate glass window had succumbed … supposedly from the moderate Westerley streaming in from … presumably … the West.

Hag reckons that’s not the reason. More like the immense huffing and puffing from the world’s least Labor leader defending his great mate Greeny created a cyclone effect which whirled outa control and caused yet another black eye to this wondrous over-blown project which has cost almost the equivalent of a nice new hospital.

But, hey, you gotta get your priorities right …