Convenor is a multi-media resource contemplating the rise of religiosity in public life.

It has evolved over the past year to contain about 100 online articles, images, essays, presents, and the unique, original backgrounders on Australian politicians with extreme religious views. (all attached at the end)

Some of the other aspects of the project are a 30-second movie,
Photo documentation of projections onto clouds over Sydney Harbour:
Free sticker-postcards:

It was originally commissioned for an exhibition of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, (Interesting Times) but has continued to grow. The website is now getting over 10,000 individual visitors a month.

Researcher Chloe Martin has made it possible for the project to produce the Public Information Sheet series, as well as the project’s own Newsletter, which covers God-politics issues in depth.

I thought the readers of Tasmanian Times might be interested because your island is blessed with such prominent and ambitious religious politicians, who are worth watching.

Download the pdf profiles: