Christian Kerr, Crikey

60% of Tasmanians and 52% of Queenslanders think their state governments are “not effective” in their fight against corruption, a special Morgan Poll (Read it here) has found.
The Tasmanian results follow the recent scandal over TCC — the builder accreditation company part owned by two former Labor ministers that was promised a lucrative business monopoly by former deputy premier Bryan Green.

The Queensland findings will be a significant embarrassment to Premier Peter Beattie’s re-election campaign.

Not only do the locals believe their state government is ineffective. Morgan says, “Significantly, almost one-in-ten (9%) Queenslanders say not only does the Beattie Labor Government ‘not fight corruption but also encourages it’!”

What the Greens reckon:


Peg Putt MHA

Greens Opposition Leader

Friday, 25 AUGUST 2006


ICAC Urgently Needed

The Tasmanian Greens today reiterated their call for the establishment of an Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in Tasmania after a special Roy Morgan poll found that the percentage of Tasmanians saying that their State government is ineffective against corruption was higher than for any other state.

Greens Opposition Leader Peg Putt MHA outlined that 60% of Tasmanians say the Lennon government is “not effective” against corruption, and just over 1 in 10 Tasmanians (11%) say the Tasmanian Government “does not fight corruption, but also encourages it”.[1]

“High levels of community concern that the Lennon government is ineffective against corruption have been demonstrated and this reinforces the need for an independent body to be established in Tasmania to tackle corruption,” Ms Putt said.

“We have witnessed numerous examples of cronyism from the Lennon government, and a refusal to recognise the need for Tasmanian electoral donation disclosure laws to get financial relationships out in the open,” Ms Putt said.

“Tasmanians want a lift in standards in public life, and the establishment of an ICAC can no longer be stonewalled on the spurious basis that it will cost money.”

“What price do you put on the protection of Tasmanian society from corruption?”