By Tim Thorne
The Suicide Bomber Considered as an Athlete

Brave and wrong, brave and to be — no, to have been stopped,
to have been held in detention, on a leash,
tormented, traumatised, sent catatonic,
to be found four years later, in solitary, under a bed,
as if he (or she, let’s not get too carried away by certain
sexist assumptions based on a single religious ideology)
were merely an asylum seeker on a hot and lonely island,
no more than a runaway poet or teacher sacrificed to a small
ego, drive and limitations:

he won. 15-1: a drubbing in any sport.

“Evil”, says the man (or woman, let’s not get
too carried away again, this time by televangelist conventions)
and to have the labels from each of Dante’s rings applied
like children’s random stickers (butterflies, spark plug ads
and how-to-votes) and therefore “cowardly”.
And what of here?

                                      The still-young man
with blond hair who in 1996 scored 36-0?
Was that not a bigger victory?
And is he called a living terrorist?

© Tim Thorne

Peter Macrow,
Tasmanian Times Poetry Editor.
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