On Coupe IR056A recently clearfelled against the wishes of the West Calder Community. Forestry Tasmania contracters have completely gutted at least one creek. Sassafras trees cut and left to lie in the creekbed.

Burrowing crayfish on FT clearfell

Sassafras in creekbed

Echidna refugee

Lopped trees in creek bed

Sassafras trunk


There’s a good case for Forestry Tasmania to abide by the Forest Practices Code and refrain from gutting entire creek beds and leaving the trees in the creeks. This is a legislative requirement after all.

“Sassafras is a component of wet eucalypt forest and young rain forest where it may live for up to 150 – 200 years. It is a heavy seed producer although germination can be erratic. Seedlings are subject to heavy browsing by native animals and many young trees become established where they are inaccessible, on mounds or on manfern trunks” See:

It’s an understorey tree of these forests.

I’d like to know how Forestry Tasmania is going to regenerate this sassafras species from this horrible clearfell operation. How are they going to re-establish the rainforest understorey and protect the species from browsing animals whilst it tries to regenerate? (Forestry Tasmania gave an undertaking that they would be replacing all species gutted by this operation).

What is the species of burrowing crayfish on the coupe? We asked Forestry Tasmania and they just don’t answer any of these questions.

South Sister