Graeme Sturges, MHA
Tuesday, 17 January 2006
Greens in Bitter Factional Fight

Peg Putt’s desire to be Deputy Premier is nothing more than a deluded dream as rumours abound about her departure from State Parliament amid a bitter Green factional fight.

Labor Member for Denison Graeme Sturges said that the Lennon Labor Government is not interested in forming a coalition with the Greens.

“Labor offers Tasmania stable, secure government.

“The Greens are a rabble who are constantly at war with each other.

“Bob Brown is expected to leave the Senate this year and Peg Putt is ready to head to Canberra to replace him.

“But before she does, she is trying to ensure the Greens do not fall under the leadership of deep green Nick McKim.

“Ms Putt’s faction put Cassy O’Conner on their Denison ticket without a pre-selection processes in the hope she will replace Peg when she retires from State Parliament.

“But it looks like Ms Putt is fighting a losing battle.

“There was a time when a ‘soft green’ Ms Putt supported rotary mills. But yesterday when Premier Paul Lennon announced a $60 million rotary mill investment, Ms Putt was forced by Mr McKim’s anti-development faction to attack the plan.

“Of course Ms Putt will deny she is leaving State Parliament, just as Bob Brown did when he went.

“Her forced attack on the rotary peeling mills shows she is losing the fight within her own party showing again why the Greens are unsuitable Coalition partners,” Mr Sturges said.

Further information: Tasmanian Government Communications Unit


Denison Labor MP Graeme Sturges’ claim of a ‘bitter factional fight’ among the Tasmanian Greens is laughable, and entirely dishonest. Do we detect a whiff of desperation emanating from the Government Propaganda Unit?

I counted seventeen untruths in an eleven paragraph media release issued on Tuesday this week. It is one whopper of an attempted smear. And Tasmanian taxpayers are paying for this tripe.

It is a complete waste of time to refute the claims one by one and give the document more credence than it deserves. There are no factions in the Green party. My experience is that we are a large and growing group of thoughtful people who seek party consensus in a spirit of mutual respect. We are motivated by a deep commitment to the Tasmanian community and environment. It is grassroots and very positive. Peg Putt and Nick McKim are clearly great mates and part of a united, effective Green parliamentary team.

Graeme Sturges might take a look in the mirror, then read his manufactured media release aloud. The Tasmanian Labor Party plays the most bitter and public factional war games. When darker forces prevail over the true believers, hidden agendas, sleazy deals, dishonesty and outright self-interest dominate. For this, all of us pay a price. Little wonder so many young Tasmanians, older Tasmanians and all ages in between are now inspired to vote Green at Election 2006.

Cassy O’Connor
Greens’ Candidate for Denison