In his Australia Day speech Howard has called for his story to be taught in Schools.

He claims that the black armband view of Australia’s development is no longer popular, perhaps as it exposes the downside of his story.

Telling stories in creating myths has been a long used process. Let us take the example of the great victory of Krakow [Poland] against the Mongol Horde.

All their men, mounted knights and foot, went out to face the enemy and, as the Mongols had done to their European enemies, they were slaughtered.

Usually the Mongols then entered the conquered city. However the next morning they were gone. The citizens were able to come out and bury the dead and tend the wounded.

Today it is celebrated as a victory, the Mongols, now portrayed as fools in street theatre, are said to have been routed from the field of battle.

What really happened.

At the end of the battle, when the enemy were dead and wounded or had run away, the Mongols received word that the Great Khan had died, and, as was the cultural practice, they set off home to elect a new GK. On the way word arrived that one was elected.

This area on the way became the Golden Horde [Russia], that dangerous and fearful place, the East.

Indoctrination history, like many other things from the 1950s, misses several points of teaching history.

One is to learn a process of inquiry, something never popular with government, and the other to learn that there is more then one view, not all people in history are grinners, filled with arrogance and hubris.

Howard’s childhood world was anglo, his current world view is anglo and nothing will be allowed to shake that. It drives him, it supports his focus. There can be no doubts.

Hence his love of the Windschuttle view …

Truth is not important, only the ideas that agree with my world view.

It matters not if it is history or a debate about the direction the country adopts at an election. All is political and not to stand in the way of an ideologue, nothing personal here.

Here are some questions.

True for some, false for others.

Answer in 25 words or less.

During settlement of our great nation no aboriginal people were displaced from their land by any process involving violence. They all just died off from diseases. In answering this question no comparative references to other colonizations, no matter how well documented, may be used.

The use of convict labour to make a few people rich in the first 50 years of colonization was a good thing. All research to be conducted in the Children’s section of your local library.

Anti Chinese riots at Lambing Flat were not racism. This study is to be conducted by interview in Cronulla.

The revolt at the Ballarat goldfields was unimportant in the creation of a wider franchise. In answering this question no disparagement of the then administration is to be made.

The vote for women was the gift of good hearted men not the result of a worldwide struggle. No suffragette writings to be used.

The opposition to conscription in WW1 was just a few disgruntled Irish Catholics, not as a result of the horrors of the first major industrial war. Only recruitment posters may be used in this study.

The unemployed were well looked after in the Great Depression. This work is to refer to the excellent schemes used in the 1890s’ depression and on the English poor laws.

The Lang Government should have paid the loans from the Bank of England regardless of the effect on the people of NSW. This research is to use only Victorian government documents.

In the Battle of the Coral Sea an invasion of Australia was stopped. Only reference to popular views reported after WW2, no Japanese war plans to be used.

The use of nuclear weapons to end World War 2 was justified. Research this one in Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Kurdistan. Take as long as you like.

Khemlani was an international banker. Use the newspapers of the time.

Howard was a great Treasurer stymied by his leader. Ask the Office of the Prime Minister.

phill Parsons remembers his neighbours with the vegie garden, their chooks and that they ate octopus. However his world was also essentially anglo. Now the descendants have a swimming pool, a 2 car garage and a second story on the same house. In that time phill has taken on board the 2 lessons and is attempting to learn and apply them.

We should celebrate what we have but we should also remember that the mistakes made have the potential to teach us lessons for the future. Ask the Maya, they have experience on the interaction of population, primary resources and climate.