Tasmanian Times exists to to be  a forum which takes seriously a democratic society’s right for individuals to express their opinion on issues heartfelt or fleeting.

Tasmanian Times is particularly concerned with issues of justice and the just treatment of individuals.

This forum is open to allcomers.

Tasmanian Times takes seriously its role as a forum which will publish all views. It has published immediately trenchant criticism of itself – witness  Premier Paul Lennon’s statement that it is “f … g useless”.

This is robust, honest reaction. We welcome it.
As Tasmanian Times has written before following an earlier legal threat (from former Premier Jim Bacon) Tasmanian Times believes that Tasmania’s future is best served by the truth, and so it will continue to bring you the truth about Tasmania, even when it offends and threatens the powerful.

Our masthead comes from a reference in John West’s History of Tasmania (1856). West was in a great Tasmanian tradition of dissenting journalists that begins with Henry Melville, who was imprisoned by Governor Arthur for his views.

John West — ironically — the Editor of the Launceston Examiner in a period when that paper was a major force for change in mid-nineteenth century Tasmania, went on to become the first great editor of the Sydney Morning Herald

Defamation law is complex. Tasmanian Times urges its readers to study it for themselves. Of particular relevance are Sections 13, 14, 15: