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Tasmanian Times exists to to be  a forum which takes seriously a democratic society’s right for individuals to express their opinion on issues heartfelt or fleeting.

Tasmanian Times is particularly concerned with issues of justice and the just treatment of individuals.

This forum is open to allcomers.

Tasmanian Times takes seriously its role as a forum which will publish all views. It has published immediately trenchant criticism of itself – witness  Premier Paul Lennon’s statement that it is “f … g useless”.

This is robust, honest reaction. We welcome it.
As Tasmanian Times has written before following an earlier legal threat (from former Premier Jim Bacon) Tasmanian Times believes that Tasmania’s future is best served by the truth, and so it will continue to bring you the truth about Tasmania, even when it offends and threatens the powerful.

Our masthead comes from a reference in John West’s History of Tasmania (1856). West was in a great Tasmanian tradition of dissenting journalists that begins with Henry Melville, who was imprisoned by Governor Arthur for his views.

John West — ironically — the Editor of the Launceston Examiner in a period when that paper was a major force for change in mid-nineteenth century Tasmania, went on to become the first great editor of the Sydney Morning Herald

Defamation law is complex. Tasmanian Times urges its readers to study it for themselves. Of particular relevance are Sections 13, 14, 15:


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  1. Rick Pilkington

    October 4, 2005 at 1:10 pm

    I fully support you Lindsay. Don’t worry this will all come to nought. You have done nothing wrong here.

    When will these people learn.

    The Examiner could have defended itself on this site and got a fair hearing. This type of threat is a strategically dumb not to mention gutless attack on the small not-for-profit Tas Times.

    Did the Examiner take action against Media Watch when earlier this year the ABC watchdog described our hometown rag in this fashion:

    ‘Reasonably factual’? Let’s not set the bar too high.
    Maybe Tasmanians are happy to have their newspaper articles written by the government and industry, but we think not’.


    I doubt it.

    Is this The Examiner – ‘the community newspaper’ or The Examiner ‘the business enterprise’ speaking through this legal threat.

    Who knows? One thing is certain however, this action will damage the paper on both counts!

  2. Luis

    October 4, 2005 at 4:17 am


    We disagree on many issues in this forum; however, it is very important that we can discuss those issues openly for the benefit of all Tasmanians.

    I hope that you can continue publishing your website without any problems.

    Interestingly enough, it is the threat of legal action that has drawn my attention to the post referring to The Examiner. That shows that it may be easier for companies just to accept the right of people to comment (rightly or wrongly) on their operations than try to enforce legal restrictions.

  3. Greg Price

    October 3, 2005 at 3:55 pm

    Dear Lindsay,

    I wish to congratulate you for your courage and determination in continuing to run Tasmanian Times as an uncensored voice for Tasmanians on issues affecting our wonderful but threatened state.

    The fact that you are getting slammed by the Premier, Greg Barns and the Examiner’s lawyers simply serves to prove that you are doing a good and valuable job.

    You’re website is and continues to be an important source of information and a forum for debate. This will be even more important in the lead up to next year’s state election.

    All the best,

    Greg Price

  4. Fred Baker

    October 3, 2005 at 2:22 pm

    The Examiner seems to have become rather heated beneath its nicely starched collar.

    Too many of us now live in one-paper towns, which is depressing when one remembers the colourful and vigorous history of early Tasmanian journalism.

    Wasn’t it The Examiner, in a splendidly hubristic editorial back in the early 20th century, that warned the Tsar to keep his hands off some remote fragment of Empire?

    Today it’s a grey ghost of its original self, feeding us a lot of the same old taste-free, fact-free crud produced by wire services and overpaid PR flacks.

    In this sort of environment, any display of talent can be interpreted by the constipated hacks and myopic accountants who control today’s media as a threat; they’ve been caught pulling the wings off a butterfly and the only response they can come up with is to invoke the awesome, creaking and insanely expensive panoply of the law.

    Of course defamation law is complex; governments and lawyers like it that way – it provides a smokescreen for the former and BMWs for the latter.

    However ‘reformed’ it is now asserted to be, a quick look at its Byzantine vagaries lends weight to what a lawyer (who was a decent fellow for all that) once told me: that the defamation law in most Australian States is modelled on British regulations framed in India in the prime of the Raj to suffocate the nascent local press.

    They’re trying it on again, but this time everyone who’s sick of the drabness, conformity and venality of modern newspapers hopes it won’t work.

  5. Mark

    October 3, 2005 at 12:23 pm

    So much for reading TT backwards (this posting is slightly after my last posting)!

    This is the Tassie I’ve come to know and love! In the words of George Harrison, the “Sue me, sue you blues.”

    Some people really need a life…more power to you Linz. I guess a cartoon is out of the question?

  6. Dave Groves

    October 3, 2005 at 8:42 am

    Yes, I was right!

    We are now the 55th state or so of the Goddam Ewe Ess of Friggin’ Hay.
    Sue, Sue , Sue, Sue, Sue……gotta love that culture!!!

    How pathetic we have become.

    Australia. Spell check please…..ay..em..ee..are..eye..see..ay

    Soon we will all be botox bulging, ab crunching, lycra lunchin’ southern drawlin’, lipo sprawlin’, spur shakin’, food fakin’, star spanglin’, legal tanglin’, silicone fillin’, bro’ chillin’, Bud swillin’, Musslem slayin’, banjo playin’, AK totin’ President votin’ upsize bloatin’ certified papers please, make mine with cheese, paid up members of Clan America.

    Bless you Lindsay for your sanity in our world of terrorists.

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