with Phillip Adams
on Tuesday 23/10/2001

Election Forum – The Australian Greens

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In the first of Late Night Live’s election forums, tonight from Hobart, we discuss the future of the Greens and Greens politics and also look more broadly at how Tasmania and Tasmanians are viewing and discussing this election. And there could be no better place to do this than Tasmania which is the birth place of green politics, not only here in Australia but also internationally. Back in 1972 the first Greens political party was established, the United Tasmania Group. It inspired the emergence of Green parties across the globe, including Petra Kelly and the Greens in Germany.

This election is critical for the Greens not only because Bob Brown, the leader of the Greens in the Senate, is up for re-election but also because of the moral stand they have taken against the Government’s response to the refugee crisis and to the sending of troops to America’s war.

Guests on this program:

Lindsay Tuffin
Senior Journalist with the Mercury and the Sunday Tasmanian

Greg Barnes
Former Senior Advisor to the Howard Government, who has been living in Tasmania on a part-time basis for 7 years and is moving here permanently at the beginning of next year.

Bruce Felmingham
Head of School, Department of Economics, University of Tasmania

Christine Milne
Ex- Greens Member of Parliament in Tasmania and currently IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Committee Member and adviser to Bob Brown.

Story Producer and Researcher: Annabelle Quince

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