Whereas there is insufficient information available to properly understand whether the benefits of a Pulp Mill on our region outweigh the detriments, e.g. pollution, smell, log-truck traffic, adverse business impacts and property value changes; and whereas the council is properly supposed to represent the ratepayers’ interests yet has held no public meetings on this matter, we ask the following connected questions:

i. On what basis did the Launceston Council and Councillors give this proposal support on behalf of our city?

ii. For the purposes of ratepayer evaluation of Council performance, will council provide a full list of the voting patterns of Councillors on this matter.

iii. Can the council give a guarantee that Councillors that have voted to support the proposal have no conflicts (e.g. personal or family Gunns shareholdings).

iv. Do Councillors believe that the ratepayers and residents of Launceston should rightfully expect balanced and thorough consideration by the Council of proposals with such broad potential social, business and environmental impacts?

Question presented on May 2, 2005; by Mr. M. Bolan of Lilydale, on behalf of a growing group of seriously concerned Launceston ratepayers and businesspeople.