Friends of Gunns 20 have launched the website that will be the window for the world on the battle ahead for the 20 Australians and groups being sued by one of the richest and most powerful woodchip companies in the world: Gunns Ltd.

This feisty Tasmanian website is the place to watch for background info, updates and how to help the 20 defendants in the long battles ahead.

The power of such a website is well documented, as shown during the battles in the UK 10 years ago, when McDonald’s Corporation served writs on two brave Londoners in an attempt to prevent the distribution of leaflets criticising the company.

The “Mcibel” website scored (& continues to score) multi-millions of hits from around the world, galvanising public opinion in favour of the two brave defendants. The “McLibel” site remains on the web and and is an important historical document.

The supporters of the Gunns20 are hoping that the world will be inspired, encouraged and informed by what they find on and have asked that the web-address be spread around as far as possible:
Gunns 20 website

The Debate: