I was fortunate to have last Monday away from the salt mine and took the opportunity to take a mate out on the Tamar river for a spin in the tin can with a view to land a tasty meal.

The Tamar is a magnificent estuary that runs from Launceston to Bass Strait. Even on such a beautiful day and a holiday at that, the river traffic was non-existent. We motored from the aptly named Beauty Point to Low Head admiring the bush and the river dwellings, anchoring at several locations along the way to secure dinner.

The peace and quiet coupled with brilliant Tassie sunshine made us wish the day would never end.

There are superb pontoons that are strategically placed along the estuary for land based fishing, boat stops or somewhere to relax and take in the magic of the Tamar. Most of these pontoons have toilet facilities and water available; some even have free BBQ’s which to the credit of the local councils are kept in immaculate condition.

The Tamar being so close to so many makes it the ideal location to while away a summer day without having to spend a fortune. Next time you’re up Launceston way, take the time to enjoy a day playing on, in or by the Tamar.