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  1. Wake up Tasmanians! This is just the tip of the iceberg if the pulp mill gets up.

    Posted by David Mohr  on  14/09/06  at  07:42 AM
  2. As an addition to this press release it should be noted that also on Page 89 of the Forest Practices Code of Tasmania 2000 it is stated:

    “The person responsible for chemical application will ensure that chemicals do not enter water bodies, unless the chemicals are specifically approved for direct application to waterbodies. Techniques such as wick wiping, and spot or shrouded strip appication should be considered next to watercourses.”

    This is a “will” statement and on Page 2 of the same code it is stated.

    “Will statements are to be applied in a practical manner to forest operations covered by the Forest Practices Act.”
    So this act of spraying chemicals not registered for direct application to waterbodies is a direct breach of both the Forest Practices Code and the Forest Practices Act 1985.

    The following information comes from the Material Safety Data Sheets for the chemicals directly from the Dow Chemicals web site.

    Verdict   Haloxyfop R-methyl ester plus Diethylene glycol monoethyl ether

    Eye irritant, repeated exposure cause liver toxicity in rats

    Highly toxic to fish
    Moderately toxic to other aquatic organisms

    Lontrel 360

    Clopyralid   as monoethanolamine salt + isopropyl alcohol +polyglycol 26-2

    Minimise exposure to isopropyl alcohol

    Exposure over 400 ppm   eye, nose and throat irritant, Incoordination, confusion, hypotension, hypothermia, circulatory collapse, respiratory arrest and death.

    This chemical is highly toxic to fish and moderate toxicity to other marine organisms. The MSDS states that it is rapidly hydrolized to haloxyfop acid which has low toxicity to fish, birds, marine organisms and earthworms.

    But how long is rapidly when it drifts straight onto a stream?

    It is hard to see these chemicals being registered for direct application to water bodies, if they are I don’t want to drink any.

    Posted by Pete Godfrey  on  14/09/06  at  11:07 AM
  3. Oh dear Tasmania,

    the plantation industry trashing our clean green image our Tasmania Brand resulting in ‘mental torture’for the local community. 

    Anti-Tasmanian news due to negative reasons again? .

    At the same time we read this story involving a Mrs Gay, how strange it happened to Mrs Gay.

    ... “What if my little boy had been playing outside? I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and I could still taste it,” Gay said of Thursday’s incident.

    She said she had been relaxing on her wooden swing at her home of six years ... when droplets fell from the sky. A helicopter, whirring overhead, was attempting to spray the cane field next to her home.

    “I had never seen them spraying over my house,” Gay said.

    And this one telling us about ‘mental torture’ from another spot on Earth:

    ...“We’ve suffered from mental torture upon knowing that even our roofs, where we use to catch rain, are also contaminated with che-micals… of course you don’t care about us because what’s more important for you is to earn dollars,” Decon added.

    Posted by Just Frank  on  14/09/06  at  03:25 PM
  4. Can someone enlighten me - why do the trees have to be sprayed?

    Are they so environmentally barren that they can’t grow without chemicals?

    Why would a government allow their constituents to be subject to poison when it would be possible to spray from the ground and be less hazardous to people?

    Are we in Australia or an emerging Nazi state?

    Is Lennon real or has he been whisked away and replaced with an enemy robotic lookalike?

    Reportedly his wife works in the health industry.  Does she have any influence over him? 

    Someone, please, tell the emperor he has no clothes on!

    Posted by Turnoff Thetelly  on  15/09/06  at  12:43 AM
  5. Of course the emperor has no clothes, but as long as he’s the emperor it doesn’t matter.

    This is reality, not a fairy tale, and in reality the little child who tells the truth gets blown to bits while the worshipping crowd applauds the emperor for keeping them safe from the nasty world of fact.

    The trees have to be sprayed because they realise a profit quicker that way.  People have to be sprayed because they are much less profitable.

    We are definitely in Australia, not an emerging Nazi state, and you can tell this by the colour of the uniforms (apart from the naked emperor).

    Posted by Justa Bloke  on  15/09/06  at  01:37 AM
  6. QUICK paul,get steve kons up to western creek to have a glass of this lovely water with a bevy of admiring examiner fotogs snapping pictures for the next edition of the gunns weekly.

    Posted by CRUD  on  15/09/06  at  04:49 AM
  7. Well, ‘TurnOffTheTelly’ you have to see this whole process from the point of view of a transnational corporation (TNC).

    TNCs must maximise profit.  That’s why they exist and they are required to by law and for their shareholders.  They do this through a number of ways:

    *  getting really big,

    *  using the power of governments to ensure they get their way the vast majority of the time,

    *  tapping into compulsory savings and taxation of local populations to fund most of their costs (such as land purchase, for instance),

    *  monopolising key resources such as land,

    *  by speeding up the production process,

    *  leaving and moving on when local people and resources are exhausted or dead.

    So, in answer to ‘TurnOffTheTelly’s’ question.  Why do they use chemicals?  To speed up the production of the trees.

    Simple, really.

    Posted by Brenda Rosser  on  15/09/06  at  06:07 AM
  8. For me, it comes down to the proposition that maybe this company, the government and most sadly the majority of Australia don’t really care!

    Brenda you are correct the hubris of being so big and pushy, makes for arrogance, shamelessness and corruption.

    Sadly for this planet - the only place in the Universe we know of where life exists - it will have to get a lot worse before personal fear cuts in!

    Go see Al Gore’s real-time documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” and you’ll understand how difficult change is for those in DENIAL.

    “Business As Usual” is STILL too convenient!

    Posted by David Obendorf  on  16/09/06  at  10:33 PM
  9. Maybe who ever wrote this should come to Blackwood Creek and i will show you the block Mr Peters owns and where they sprayed. Mr Peters water comes from above the spray area his home is not as close as been made out.  I take water from below the spray sight and have no problem with Gunns spraying.  People shouldnt believe everything they read.

    Posted by Claire Tubb  on  30/09/09  at  05:54 PM





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