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  1. Way to go hidders. I’ve seen some spin spun in my time but that’s some of the best bullshit ever. Suppose there’s not much option though, apart from saying nothing.

    Can’t wait to see if the earlier threats of defamation proceedings ever see the light of day.

    Posted by barkingtoad  on  17/11/05  at  04:35 AM
  2. He will NEVER take legal action.  It was just all bluster and BS.

    So much or Hidding reckoning that Cheek will spend his retirement years in and out of the Supreme Court.

    On another matter, do these politicians have NO shame?  After the transcripts released from the book I would be hiding under my rock.

    Posted by Robert  on  17/11/05  at  05:05 AM
  3. Bet Reeeeeene didn’t have his hand on the Bible when he dictated that media release.

    Might have had it somewhere else though.

    Posted by Nudger  on  17/11/05  at  05:14 AM
  4. Linz old chap,

    Just came across your wonderful web-site while having a pizza and glass of red in the Salamanca internet cafe ... all getting ready to belt the living suitcase out of the West Indies tomorrow.

    Wondering if you could put us in touch with this Rene Hidding character.  Even with Terry Jenner here, we’re always on the look out for some extra guidance and we’ve got to say, Rene’s ability at spin makes us just a bit envious.  Thankfully he’s not batting, or bowling, for the other side.

    All the best,

    Shane Warne and Stuart MacGill

    Posted by Shane and Stuey  on  17/11/05  at  05:19 AM
  5. The speech to launch Bob Cheek’s book by Lindsay Tuffin was the stuff of Alice in Wonderland.

    This was a politican bereft of policy ideas - I can’t remember any, can you? - and who showed gross disloyalty to colleagues such as Sue Napier and Tony Rundle.

    His role in silencing me, after giving me the go-ahead to talk about refugees (‘I know how strongly you feel about it’, he told me) at a meeting I had with him at Parliament House one day, was another manifestation of this man’s jelly-back opportunism.

    I have my lawyers going through the book very carefully and they have already identified at least three defamations.

    Get a grip Lindsay.

    Posted by Greg Barns  on  17/11/05  at  08:26 AM
  6. Greg Who?

    Posted by the swampfox  on  17/11/05  at  10:59 AM
  7. Damn! Wrong book!

    Here I was thinking the Wizard of Oz and it was Alice all the time. I had already done Alice as a looking glass to the State Labor Cabinet.

    Posted by Mark  on  17/11/05  at  02:41 PM
  8. Greg,

    The book is full off opportunities to sue for defamation.  Just let the book open randomly on any page.

    But we all know that nobody is going to be suing for anything.

    The best they can do is threaten and whinge on the sidelines :)

    Posted by Rob  on  17/11/05  at  11:25 PM
  9. Greggy, greggy - please let us in on the secret - where are the defamatory bits so we can have a read. Better still, post them here so we don’t have to shell out for the book.

    But really, wouldn’t it have been better to cop the little bruise to the ego and say nought? The kiddies at large probably won’t give a flying about whatever it is that may have hurt your feelings.

    They will, however, clearly remember that you were part of a group called politicians that have long fed in the trough at taxpayers’  expense with the lurks and perks. Any bleating, legal or otherwise, will highlight that. And promote book sales.

    Posted by barkingtoad  on  17/11/05  at  11:44 PM
  10. So Cheek had no policy ideas?

    You could never say that about Hitler. 

    John Gay has plenty of policy ideas, too, and does he care whether it’s Paul or Rene who puts them into practice?

    Save us from politicians with ideas.  Greg, take your ideas and write a book with them.  All this state needs is loyal followers of the dollar (preferably in the form of Gunns dividends).

    I haven’t yet had a chance to read every word of the book, but so far I have found nothing about anyone getting a villa in the Greek islands as part of some sort of ship purchasing deal.

    Now there would be an interesting defamation case.

    Posted by Justa Bloke  on  18/11/05  at  01:27 AM
  11. So Greg the ladies’ Man Barns is going to sue.

    You beeauty.  Linz, book your place in the press gallery now and keep us informed of the evidence.

    And Justa Bloke, just what are you talking about?:)

    Posted by Nudger  on  18/11/05  at  02:38 AM
  12. Greggy me lad, of course your lawyers have found some defamations as they very carefully go through the book.

    How else are they going to justify the billable hours that two or three partners clock up so you can pay them to read a book for you?. Money for jam.

    And Nudger, what is this “ladies man” business of which you speak. Is there something Bob may have left out of his book that we should know about?

    Posted by barkingtoad  on  18/11/05  at  03:33 AM
  13. I’m just a bloke who doesn’t know anything about any corruption.  I am sure that all our political leaders have always been as incorruptible as Tommy D’Alton, Spot and Cossie.  Not to mention Swindling Sid.

    I would swear on a stack of missals that they are honest men through and through. 

    It would take very hard evidence indeed to make me change my mind.  Watch this space.

    Posted by Justa Bloke  on  18/11/05  at  08:40 AM
  14. So Greg Barns has got his Lawyers looking at Bob’s book. Big tough guy Greg.

    Sheesh. Get a grip yourself Barns! Reign in that ego of yours. Wasn’t it you, a month or so back who came out in support of Mark Latham’s book. Didn’t you applaud him as a brave whistleblower.

    Why no applause or affirmation for Cheeky’s effort?

    Most reasonable people admired the positions you took on Tampa and refugees. Indeed, when it comes to Greg Barns and the Libs, (Cheek included) I have always thought you had the moral high ground. You were hard done by.

    But Greg, if Cheek was bereft of policy ideas, you were equally bereft of commonsense thinking you could operate as politician committed to social justice under Howard?

    Don’t be so sensitive Greg. Call of the henchman and drop the threats of legal action.

    They make you look like an upstart and will surely end in tears.

    Posted by Rick Pilkington  on  18/11/05  at  11:19 AM
  15. I am now about two thirds of the way through Cheek’s book and one thing in particular has stood out.

    At one stage Cheek talks of Hidding, Rundle and Napier ignoring him, undermining his leadership, arriving at meetings late etc. He makes the point “What could I do, sue them? They were given the job by the electorate”.

    This brought home to me the fact that elected partisan politicians really do have the opportunity to champion the causes of their constituents and attempt to influence policy development within their party. You can cross the floor, you can stand up for what you believe in, because at the end of the day it is the voters who put you there. The party can throw you out but it’s pretty unlikely that they will, especially in Tasmania where the life of a government can often depend on one or two seats.

    I have been looking at ways to get more involved in the political process in this state and I must say Bob has inspired me with a feeling that perhaps one person can make a difference, despite his rapid rise and fall. It is hard and it takes guts but it can be done.

    Posted by Greg Price  on  20/11/05  at  07:24 AM





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