With cooler nights approaching Tasmanians are likely to be firing up their heaters. All hot objects can cause burns and heaters are a a particular source of danger. Kidsafe Tasmania kindly provided the following advice about staying safe around wood heaters.

Kidsafe Tasmania would like to remind Tasmanians looking after children and with winter approaching, about putting into place some common-sense practices when using a wood heater.

With the current situation with COVID-19 and the likelihood of people spending more time at home the possibility of unintentional injuries to young people could increase.

“Making your home as safe as possible for young ones is important and Kidsafe Tasmania is here to help,” said Kidsafe Tasmania CEO Jenny Branch-Allen.

When using a wood heater for example:

  • Always supervise young children

  • Always use a fixed firescreen

  • Never use accelerants to light a fire

  • Keep clothing and furniture at least 2 metres from the heater/fire

  • Clean chimneys and flues professionally every year- now’s the time!

  • Install a working photoelectric smoke alarm and with daylight savings nearing an end check all fire alarms and replace batteries

Burns first aid

Cool the burn for a least 20 minutes in cool running water, and seek medical attention