Last weekend’s festival, Party in the Paddock (just east of Launceston), was held for the final time.  The festival brought in thousands of people, making it a very big party indeed. With most choosing to camp on-site, massive flows of people came in and out before and after the main stage acts.

Day two of the festival featured Lime Cordiale, Mahalia, Dune Rats, Mallrat, Cosmos Midnight, and many other talented artists.

You can hear some of their highlights on the audio track, starting with The Butlers; Cosmos Midnight @ 0.20; (language warning!) Dune Rats @ 0.40; Hartway @ 1.30; Mahalia @ 2.17; The Dead Love @ 3.07; Mallrat @ 3.30; Lime Cordiale @ 4.05; The Embers @ 5.12; First Beige @ 5.35; and Lime Cordiale @ 6.08.

One of the headlining acts, The Dune Rats or ‘The Dunies’, got the crowd super excited with their catchy lyrics and their larrikin spirits. All the singing, dancing, and partying meant that the bars and the food vendors were under the pump to keep everyone happy, ‘hydrated’, and well-nourished. By day three, the atmosphere was incredibly relaxed and it felt like the party became eternal. The party may be over, but the memories and good vibes live on.

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*Photos of day two of Northern Tasmania’s festival, Party in the Paddock.

Still can’t get enough? Other media outlets also captured the last Party in the Paddock.

Check out the footage from the  ABC, or Day three photos from the Examiner.