Aurora is rolling out ‘advanced meters’ that will eventually replace all existing meters. The project will give customers new digital tools to manage their energy use better.

Aurora said the advanced meters open up opportunities for Tasmanian customers as it enables them to offer new products such as the new, fully-digital Aurora Pay As You Go Plus or aurora+.

This technology is among the first of its kind in Australia. The advanced meters provide customers with visibility of their daily energy usage in dollar terms, allowing them to manage costs via an app. The app is able to update energy usage information every thirty minutes.

The aurora+ app allows users to see peak and off-peak tariffs so that they can time their energy usage of the lower rate. It also allows customers the flexibility to view and top up their accounts when required.

The scheme is not free, however, and comes with a daily fee of 11 cents. PAYG aurora+ is based on the Residential Peak and Off-Peak tariffs and utilises monthly rather than quarterly billing. Full price information on aurora+ is here.

A government spokesperson said that they “understand that keeping downward pressure on electricity bills is vitally important for Tasmanians and are pleased that Aurora is developing innovative products to help achieve this goal.”

Older Aurora PAYG meters will no longer be supported. Aurora customers with those will be among the first to receive the advanced meters as installation is rolled.