What’s superstar Sam Kerr like with a nine-iron? Dunno, but if she’s out on the links she could just play footgolf instead.

This new sport is a combination of football (soccer) and golf now played in several countries. There are a World Cup, UK, European and USA Championships, and there are now thirty-one footgolf courses in Australia. The latest course has just been established at the Riverside Golf Club located off the West Tamar Highway.

The Riverside footgolf course is the first accredited in Tasmania. The West Tamar Council supported the venture with a grant for equipment and accreditation with Footgolf Australia, which was also responsible for the designing the layout. The course is designed to complement the golf club; footgolf can only be played when golfers aren’t playing golf. Players must wear shoes without studs to preserve the condition of the golf course.

How to play

A round generally lasts from 40-60 minutes and has a set of simple rules. Each player kicks their own ball around the course; the ball must be struck cleanl, not pushed. As with golf, the aim is to get the ball in hole with as few shots as possible. The holes used in footgolf are 52cm wide and are not located on conventional putting greens.

A nine-hole game costs $12 for adults and $8 for children under 16, including ball hire and a scorecard. Session times at Riverside are on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 1-5pm.

For further information about this fun new community sport or to book a game, contact the Riverside Golf Course Pro Shop on 6327 4043; the golf club house on 6327 3312. Also visit the club’s website at Riverside Golf Club.

With soccer being the largest junior participation sport in Australia, footgolf holds out the promise of introducing a very young demographic to golf courses. Oh, and there’s an Australian Open of footgolf too. And a set of world rankings and  world tour events. Have at it, Sam!