Ever wondered why people enter and stay in small business?

Tasmanian Leaders Alumni recently asked these and other significant questions to over 130 businesses representing a variety of sectors including agriculture, hospitality, tourism and retail.

This week Tasmanian Leaders released the summary of these conversations in a document: ‘What stops us? Small business: overcoming obstacles and seizing opportunities.’

Small businesses from across Tasmania were asked about their issues and opportunities, what government can best do to assist them and what thoughts they have to improve their businesses.

Businesses reported exciting opportunities exist in the growth in tourism numbers to the state, online sales growth and leveraging the development of trusted brands and opportunities internationally.

One of the most significant challenges identified by small businesses surveyed was attracting and retaining skilled staff, including filling apprentice and qualified tradespeople positions.

The collation of responses highlights the best things owners and operators claim about small business, including forming bonds and being part of a local community, flexibility of lifestyle and family life and creating strong and real relationships through the business.

Owners of small businesses advise that building resilience and wellbeing is important to guard again the ups and downs of operating a small business. The significance of research and planning as well as accessing support outside the business were common themes in the responses.

It was also frequently suggested government assistance for small business could include support through finance and education and incentives to employ people.

General Manager, Angela Driver said “The aim of this document is to inform future work supporting small business in Tasmania as well as feed back to the small businesses surveyed as part of the Thinkbank process.”

Thinkbank are held annually with a select number of Tasmanian Leaders Alumni to address a topical issue for Tasmania. Thinkbanks are designed and conducted to give those involved practical ideas and tools to develop their organisations and more widely the state. This recent Thinkbank was designed and facilitated by Brian Lewis.

To view the report visit our website https://www.tasmanianleaders.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Thinkbank_2018_Report_FINAL.pdf