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Clifford Hayes’ first speech to the Victorian Parliament yesterday was honest, courageous and powerful.

If you missed it live, watch it here on Facebook or YouTube.

NSW election volunteering

Do you live in NSW? Have you volunteered to help out in the NSW election? Apart from our NSW membership of nearly 1500, we are asking all other members (and supporters) to help…

Do you live near NSW in the ACT, Queensland or Victoria? Can you come from Brisbane to (say) Tweed Heads? Or from Melbourne to Albury? Or from Lakes Entrance to Eden? Please volunteer in Northern or Southern NSW on March 23.

We’re aiming to get over 500 people at polling places from 8am-1pm. Our analysis shows that our vote nearly doubles when we staff a polling place. This will be the difference between winning and missing out on an Upper House seat.

Please volunteer here today so we can organise t-shirts, caps, and polling place locations well in advance.

Use the Contact Us link below if you have any questions.

Kind regards


William Bourke

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