Craig Farrell MLC
Shadow Traffic and Public Transport Minister
25 February 2019


  • Hidding must explain broken promise to deliver passenger rail
  • City Deal will only “investigate” light rail
  • Hidding made an election promise he had no intention of delivering, Federal Libs try same trick

Rene Hidding must today explain his Government’s broken promise to deliver passenger rail to Hobart ‘within five years.’

During last year’s election campaign the then Infrastructure Minister promised to ‘pull out all the stops’ to deliver rail services within five years.*

However, yesterday’s City Deal contains just $25 million to “investigate” light rail as one of the options for the corridor.

This morning on radio, Urban Infrastructure and Population Minister Alan Tudge, was weak and non-committal about passenger rail. Mr Tudge was embarrassingly stumped when asked why the design for the new Bridgewater Bridge did not make an allowance for passenger rail.

Labor Shadow Minister for Traffic and Public Transport, Craig Farrell, said it was clear the Liberals had walked away from their election promise.

“Rene Hidding must come out today and explain why he has broken his promise to deliver passenger rail services,” Mr Farrell said.

“People in Hobart’s Northern Suburbs have a right to feel betrayed by the Liberal Government.

“Rene Hidding made a promise he had no intention of delivering in order to win the State Election.

“Now the Federal Liberals are trying to do exactly the same thing. Tasmanians will not be fooled.”