Roz Madsen, AEU State Manager, said: “The game-playing of the Hodgman Government introduces new uncertainty for Tasmanian parents, attaching a grab-bag of demands to a revised wages position released today.

“The Premier missed the deadline of 12 noon on Wednesday and rather than providing a simple and fair wage offer, we suddenly have a shopping list of demands without the detail necessary for unions to properly consider it.

“Will Hodgman owes Tasmanian public sector workers an apology for the disrespect he has shown them and he owes all Tasmanians an apology for failing to provide an end to the disruption and uncertainty his Government is causing with their political games.

“The way the Premier has handled this demonstrates a lack of respect for public sector workers and his preoccupation with playing political games rather than prioritising the concerns of educators.

“Our Executive, comprising serving teachers and support staff, meet on Monday to consider the Government’s latest position and decide our next steps.

“The Premier will need to deliver a detailed, fair and complete offer before Monday to end the uncertainty hanging over all Tasmanians who just want a quality education for their children.”