Independent MP Andrew Wilkie will ask the Prime Minister the following in Question Time today. Please check against delivery.

“Prime Minister Tasmanians are being ripped off by high fuel prices and they’re mightily furious.


“Now no one can blame the added transport and handling costs, or the low volumes, because according to the ACCC the net margin on fuels is still consistently higher in Tasmania than on the mainland.


“So, will the Government give the ACCC the power to intervene in the fuel market and help stop Tasmanians being ripped off?


“And while you’re at it, will the Government also direct the ACCC to start monitoring the price of bottled LPG as a start to cracking down on that particular price gouging?


WHEN: Approximately 2:15pm TODAY 21 February

WHERE: House of Representatives (watch live at



Authorised by Andrew Wilkie MP 188 Collins St Hobart