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Plumbers on RHH sacked as company leaves job due to dispute with John Holland

The Communications Electrical and Plumbing Union members are outraged as another 20 local workers are thrown on the scrap heap from a job already plagued with issues.

CEPU State Secretary Michael Anderson has slammed the treatment of AMS Hydraulics workers who were sacked without notice yesterday and are being used as pawns in a dispute between their employer and builder John Holland.

“It’s a disgrace that these workers have been sacked; they have done nothing wrong and don’t deserve to be used as leverage to sort out a contractual dispute.”

“The project is already miles behind, and this isn’t going to help that situation as a legal resolution could take weeks.”

The Union says that it is just another debacle on a project which has been a mess from the start.

“Awful health and safety, exploited migrant workers, industrial action, multiple contractors going broke or bailing out of the job, and sham contracting have been the normal program on this site.”

“Couple with that, complete silence from project management and the government about these serious issues shows their attitude towards what should be a great place for construction workers to make a living, and a top class hospital for the community when it’s completed. Its neither of those things.”

“Workers have been forced into a corner, and are rightfully angry at the situation and their treatment, so will continue to take action until they reach what they feel is a fair deal with their employer.”

The Union has been informed that the plumbing contracting is unwilling to lose any more money on the job on top of being owed several million dollars by John Holland, which is not the only subcontractor under pressure on the project.

“These workers will be turning up to the site next week prepared to continue work, potentially for another company, as long as their entitlements are up to date, so its high time workers were put first for a change on this job and the issue sorted out.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. William Boeder

    February 10, 2019 at 12:29 pm

    One is best advised to keep a running sheet of every Hodgson Liberal party entangelment that soon gains the word disaster being attached to matters they have either failed to deliver or just stood back and ignored their meddlings out of sheer embarrassment?.
    I am unable to recall how any prior State government has demonstrated such incompetence across the full range of portfolio responsibilities as are assigned to their respective ministers.
    The question looms, has a Tasmanian State political party ever been turfed out of the leadership role at any prior time, or had the citizens of this State rebelled to the point that had affectively consigned the irresponsible party ministers to the dole queue, given that this saga has demonstrated the paucity of effective supervision and the laxity of this State’sshown themselves unable to properly execute their ministerial duties?
    Ths saga of the RHH ministerial and bureaucraric mismanagement limps along with no end end in sight.

    Considering the numerous delays and disputes that underlay this well-funded major reconstruction and extension of its prior self…yet there still appears to be a specific lacking of capable project supervision to invigorate some means of prodding this long overdue project forward to its completion.
    An audit of the monies expended at this stage of the redevelopment project may reveal the cause for the delayed payment to contractors by the John Holland executive principals.

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