Interesting how things turn out. Last year I put together a photo book with the help of some designer friends. It was mainly just done as a way to value add to my motorcycle film and give Christmas gift buyers something physical they could give to their love ones. Anyway a mate knows a guy in the book industry down here in Tassie and suggested I should meet with him just to get a bit of an idea on how to market my book and possibly release it in book stores.

I didn’t expect much to come of this meeting, but to my surprise, this book agent, with 40 years experience, believes I have a bit of a knack at writing. I told him I wanted to walk the Northern Camino later this year and that I had a book idea I wanted to explore during this trip.

To my surprise, he wants to present this idea to the 3 biggest publishers in Australia and see if he can get me a book deal. Which is kind of unheard of for an unpublished author!

So we are in the process of presenting the book idea, and as I’ve spent a lot of my life making videos, I thought I would record some of my writing to see how it rolls off the tongue, and make a little video.

I don’t expect this transition from filmmaker to writer to be an easy journey. It will be a constant daily slog of reading great authors and devising my own style.

I do hope some of the people that have followed my films over the years can join me on this journey. I think any great art requires one to speak honestly from the heart. And as much as I feel vulnerable doing so, this is a path I wish to explore.

Love to hear your thoughts below

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