The Tasmanian Multiple Birth Association (TasMBA) will celebrate this year’s Multiple
Birth Awareness Week (MBAW) by hosting several events across the state. The annual
week-long event is held nationally and aims to raise awareness of the important work of
TasMBA (and other clubs around Australia) in providing vital support to multiple birth
The theme for Multiple Birth Awareness Week (MBAW) 2019 is ‘Share the Journey’.
In 2019, TasMBA is focusing on building connections with families by linking them with
community, information and support.
Tasmanian Multiple Birth Association President, Allison Young, said: “Connecting with
other multiple birth families, both in person and online, means meeting others who are
sharing a similar journey to you. Leaving the house in those early days can be a daunting task
and staying home alone can seem like the easiest option, but already knowing people to meet
and chat to minimises feelings of isolation and has positive mental health benefits.”
“We would like to encourage all multiple birth families, no matter the age of their multiples,
to start sharing their journey today, come along and meet our amazing community at one of
our MBAW events,” she said.
Ashlee Tenberge, Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA) Chairperson said: “Many
parents of multiples feel isolated and overwhelmed due to their unique situation. A strong
sense of belonging is essential for good mental health and wellbeing. AMBA fosters these
connections by linking families to a community of local multiple birth families.”
Many families with multiples have travelled, or still are travelling, a long and difficult road.
The task of carrying, delivering and raising two or more children at once is demanding, with
many associated risks and challenges.
• 90 multiple births in Tasmania in 2018 (including 3 sets of triplets)
• Up to 65% of all multiples are born preterm (80% if triplets or more)
• Low birth weight occurs in 50% of all twin births, and 95% of triplet and higher order
multiple births
• 15% of identical twins are affected by Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome
• Approximately 17% of twin mothers and 27% of triplet mothers experience postnatal
During MBAW events will be held across Tasmania to allow families to celebrate the
uniqueness of having multiples:
• Sunday 24 February, 9am – MBAW Breakfast BBQ – Soundy Park, Burnett Street,
North Hobart
• Sunday 24 February, 11:30am – North Tasmania Family BBQ – Tailrace Park,
• Saturday 9 March, 7:30pm – MBAW Cocktail Party – Tacos Mexican Restaurant
Those who actively ‘share the journey’ with their peers often develop strong bonds and
lifelong friendships through the shared experience of parenting multiples and the many
unique joys and challenges this brings.
We encourage families, schools and support organisations to discover more by visiting and

The Tasmanian Multiple Birth Association (TasMBA) is a not-for-profit organisation run by
volunteer multiple birth families. The organisation provides support, resources and education
to multiple birth families from “those who know”.