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Lib MP denies sister-in-law’s sex abuse claim

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  1. MJF

    February 28, 2019 at 10:32 am

    Everything here can be traced back to 1803 in the grand style of colonisation. The British have forced this upon us with their political and nobility systems and urge to spread at all costs. When indian rum was the currency of choice and war was declared on a largely defenceless indigenous population. If the introduced sheep weren’t being speared for tucker they were being shagged stupid by convict shepherds.

    Is it any wonder another MP tries to cover his tracks ?

    Yet we still clutch the apron strings. Now more than ever.


    • William Boeder

      February 28, 2019 at 11:54 am

      MJF, yes this type of response to the now convicted George Pell line of conducts, is that one must not overlook the fact of the flock of fleet-footed false/fake news floggers that have since mounted a false/fake news campaign to provide a support mechanism for the former PM John Howard acolytes to defend the Howard provided character reference of support to the now convicted Cardinel George Pell.

      It is alleged that the Murdoch chosen, as well as the other unworthies supported by Murdoch, are up to their necks in feeding the Australian people with their pap, perhaps in the hope that the Cardinal Pell history can be rewritten.

      One of the astounding resultant actions since the closed or suppressed (to the Australian public) Court Trial handed down its ruling,is the late rally of the “after event notables” that themselves possess no history of honourable credibility.

      What is it that gives the above the credentials to deny of the victims personal accounts of the ritual abuse they have suffered?

      Deep probing in-house reports going back say the past 80 years plus years up to the present, are available that provide a shocking account regarding the violent-abuse, yes I said violent-abuse, that have since been authored by in-house members of the Catholic Order.
      These reports are not recommended for persons with fragile minds or those faint-heart or those uncomfortable with realized fact.

      A separate reference is provided below.

      Notwithstanding, the author of this comment enjoys good friendships with a number of well-respected Catholic oriented friends and holds high respect toward a number of their education specialists and principals here in Tasmania.

      • Christopher Eastman-Nagle

        February 28, 2019 at 4:08 pm

        I think there is a lot of agenda conflation going on here which just muddies the issue at hand, which is the general question of how to deal with these extremely vexed issues in ways that as far as possible protect and support all the parties until a systematic process has been rolled out to a conclusion, and then, and only then should any third parties, including the press, be told what has happened, and only if there has been a conviction.

        The benefits of that is that it reduces collateral damage, makes it easier to report and reduces the possibility of prejudicial outcomes.

        In the case of someone like Pell, because of his enormous standing and controversial background, it is almost out of the question to completely avoid the possibility of a prejudicial outcome. There really isn’t anything to be done about that. The position of the court and the juries has been very difficult, which is why there was a hung jury in the first place.

        And I would remind everyone that there is nothing especially notable about the catholic church in the child abuse business. It has been a subterranean pandemic right across society. I draw your attention to the NT ‘Little Children Are Sacred’ 2007 report on child abuse in aboriginal communities. It makes your hair stand on end. I kid you not.

        “But we don’t like to remember that, do we children?”.

        “No Miss!”

        All the major institutions of the last 50-70 years have been caught on this one, and they all behaved the same way, for exactly the same reasons. And families are even less likely to report than institutions. Inside families the politics of this are so viscerally appalling that it is line ball whether to report the foul deeds by people very close to you or put one’s head in a gas oven and turn it on.

        So please, spare us the unctuous histrionics guys.

  2. John Hawkins

    February 26, 2019 at 10:26 am

    I am not interested in Mr Hidding and his peccadilloes, but I am interested in the lady reporting the matter to the police who no longer have a record and her immediately receiving a telephone call from Hidding and a text presumably recoverable from the phone..

    Hidding was made the Police Minister in the first Hodgman government. on 31 March 2014 this is important as the phone will establish when the lady reported the matter to the police?

    Only in your corrupt Tasmania

  3. max

    February 26, 2019 at 7:53 am

    Rene Hidding is not my favourite politician, in fact he is the most inept politician I have ever met and that is saying something. How he ever became elected, or re-elected highlights to me what is wrong with the whole electoral system. It doesn’t matter how dumb, stupid or inept you are, if you come across as a nice person and have the gift of the gab you can be up there running the country into the ground.
    In this case I am defending the man, after 38 years how can any one defend something that might or might no have happened.I doubt that any of us could mount a good defence after so long.

    • Christopher Eastman-Nagle

      February 26, 2019 at 12:26 pm

      I agree Max.

      It is a hopeless situation all round, because if the claims of sexual abuse are false, the guy is still done like a dog’s dinner, with his personal reputation in tatters. On the other hand if the accusations are true, he does have something to answer for, albeit it a case brought so belatedly that, as you say Max, it is now almost impossible to prove or disprove and will always hang over his accuser as potentially one of particularly nasty retro-malice, even if it isn’t, especially if it is muddied, as is claimed here, by ‘other agenda’.

      Even if she is telling the ungarnished truth, how many men who ‘know her history’, would now want to risk so much as touching her sleeve or being left alone with her in a private space. And that in itself becomes another layer of victimization of someone who is perhaps already a victim.

      The whole imbroglio, and others like it, are a potential rat’s nest loaded with some very chilly implications all round that we have hardly begun to think about and whose outcomes are not necessarily going to be benign for anybody.

      And the fact that most such accusations made against men are probably true, given the nature of sexual politics over the last half century or more, doesn’t mean that some of them won’t be false. So what has to happen is that there needs to be put in place the sort of protocols that have been introduced into institutional life to deal with claims of sexual interference with minors, that limit unnecessary collateral damage to the institution and victim(s), are demonstrably fair to the accused, make it easier and less threatening/traumatic for any party to report abuse, and ensure reports happen in a much more timely manner so that the legal outcomes are more reliable….and seen to be so.

      Prematurely running this kind of agenda through the press and failing to protect all the parties involved until some legitimate conclusion to a thorough investigation, and where appropriate, prosecution is complete and a finding of guilt made, is a lousy process that is likely to hurt everyone involved, and potentially the wider community.

  4. Christopher Eastman-Nagle

    February 26, 2019 at 12:22 am

    I think this kind of discourse is a terrible sign of a sexual politic that is in very deep trouble from its roots up, regardless of the truth or otherwise of the accusations being made, because either way, the politics are a toxic abomination that in various measure not only put all sexual relationships at hazard, but potentially compounds the perceived risks of entering them at all.

    I would assert that the sexual ‘revolution’ that rolled out in the 1960s and looked so ‘liberating’ for women at the time was actually a dis-empowering squib in which they became fair game in a deregulated arena where there were almost no rules and where all its surrounding hoardings represented them as crude caricatures of vacant submission to the desires of men, as well as icons of consumer fantasy and satisfaction. ‘She’ became completely defined by ‘her sexuality’, because the rest of her ‘didn’t matter’.

    Accompanying that indulgence ‘sweetened’ confection was a privatization of personal accountability which took moral judgement out of the public realm and into the sole purview of individual actors to determine on the basis of whatever suited them. Shoddy behavior could now be reconstructed as, ‘cool’ and ‘how it is’ and ‘what’s your problem?’. ‘He’ became a predator, because the consequences of that ‘didn’t matter’.

    In retrospect, one simply cannot imagine a more poisonous trajectory than that. And now there is ‘a history’ of it going back forty to fifty years with an ever lengthening legacy of frustration, anger, bitterness and a railing sense of injustice. Even in cases where a female maliciously defames some unfortunate innocent, the chances are that the poor slob is probably being paid out for a litany of mistreatment and punishment by another man, and very likely perhaps, several of them.

    And that was just the dating game. The sexual politics didn’t improve from there because while the formal rules based patriarchy which had imposed female subordination had fallen into deregulated disuse, it was replaced by blind adolescent egoism whose practices and and underlying attitudes just disappeared into the fabric of a life and were assumed to be ‘the norm’. To complain about lack of consideration, support and unfair divisions of labor would be met with resentful incomprehension from guys who thought she was just an unconscionable whinger in need of a good….I mean there is ‘the family’ and then there is ‘his lifestyle’….and ‘needs’…for Chrissake…

    Does this sound familiar ladies? I know not every guy is like that, or like that all the time, but it is a pretty familiar scenario.

    This doesn’t merely represent some dark and obscure corner of our universe.This is mainstream. This is what has become of us. And if even a fraction of this toxic brew gets out, it is going to look like a pandemic

    It is very easy to blame men both individually and as a class of people for a protracted record of oppressive and rotten behavior. And while that is true and a very understandable perception by victims of their behavior and attitude, that blame quotient is really only the top of an iceberg.

    Over a protracted period, we have been subtly discouraged from thinking in systemic terms and so tend to personalize our griefs and dissatisfactions with the world. But we are not just personal actors, but creatures driven by the economic and social forces that we have built around ourselves and which form the fabric of our lives. These forces are not serendipitous and their shifts are not spontaneous. We have been constructed by those forces and they have purposes and dynamics in which we are little more than marionettes. Our supposed discretionary behavior is conditioned by forces that mostly operate below the level of ordinary perception and close proximity cause and effect, and can only be grasped with the help of overarching analysis.

    It is not appropriate here to go into that now, but what I am flagging is that is important that we do not end up falling on each other in a maelstrom of finger pointing, excuse making, denial, recrimination and anger that can only end very badly for everyone.

    The sexual revolution and its indulgent deregulatory and privatization excesses did not come out of thin air but out of a system that doesn’t give a dam about us or anything else, because it is largely an abstract principle that runs like a plant or algorithm. And if we are ever to take control back from it and make it work for us and what is best in us, unpicking the sexual revolution and empowering integrity and virtue as central keystones of our culture is at least a start. They provide essential tools for dealing with the much bigger issues that corrupt as they corrode as they destroy the very heart of us; i.e., the larger alienated consciousness.

    These might initially ‘only’ be personal’ matters in the greater scheme of things, but they may provide the kind of platform we need to get us going with a positive vision that gives us hope that we can at least tackle the most immediate aspects of what is now besieging us and what can make us better people than we are.

    For women, that means being more assertive and for men it means some (quite a lot of) humility, but the rewards for working through that as a team are immediate, far reaching, the font of domestic happiness and a template for the next generation..And that starts the very first time you meet.

  5. Andrew Lohrey

    February 25, 2019 at 6:23 pm

    Rene Hidding may have resigned but when police inform their Minister about a sex-abuse complaint who then threatens the victim, there are serious questions here about corruption. These questions need to be investigated by an independent party, independent of the Liberal Party and the police.

    • Simon Warriner

      February 25, 2019 at 7:01 pm

      Sounds like a job for the Integrity Commission.

    • William Boeder

      February 25, 2019 at 8:18 pm

      This alleged Child Abuse matter has alarming consequences relating to the culpability of his colleague ministers that became familiar with the knowledge regarding the specified minister.
      One will now observe the manner and the carriage of Tasmania’s DPP and the consequent Court Case that must follow on from the investigation.
      In response To Mr Simon Warriner, Tasmania’s Integrity Commission is renowned for its secrecy along with their secret herbs and spices methodology, yet one would not be surprised if that becomes the State government foil desired by this State’s Exclusiveses.

      • Simon Warriner

        February 28, 2019 at 7:07 pm

        /sarc William. Give me some credit.

  6. Mark Temby

    February 25, 2019 at 5:50 pm

    Rene Hidding has resigned – ABC News

  7. Mark Temby

    February 25, 2019 at 5:09 pm

    More pertinent is how the alleged offender contacted the complainant immediately after the complaint was lodged. Did the police name the complainant? Did the alleged offender know who the complainant would be? Were any warnings given by the police not to approach the complainant?
    The ages quoted by the Oz gives the alleged offender an approximate age of 65. The Tasmanian Parliament isn’t that big. If charges are laid, I would expect the MP to stand aside.

  8. William Boeder

    February 24, 2019 at 11:40 am

    With regard to the complaint lodged by the (woman aged 54) person back in 2014, how is it that after she had lodged her complaint with the State Police, then the complaint having just fizzled into nothingness?

    One might ask what sort of a police reporting regimen is in place that permits complaints against the State’s Exclusives (this includes the ministerial incompetents) to vapourise soon after a claim against a member of this State’s pompous elite has been lodged with the State’s Police?)

    3rd question, did the complaint disappear because the accused was a State government minister?

    Let us never forget how the State’s Judiciary and its associated Law enforcement authorities had alledgely liaisioned between themselves to keep a certain Supreme Court regular [a former logging minister] from going to prison?

    • Russell

      February 28, 2019 at 7:56 am

      Report it to the Tasmanian Police, if that doesn’t get you anywhere get a barrister or report it to the Federal Police.

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