To The Australian Newspaper … I am pretty certain you are as likely to print this letter as Adani is likely to turn their Carmichael mine lands into a sanctuary for the black throated finch, but as a matter of honour I am going to write to you anyway.

I have written for newspapers and journals on several continents and islands but never, anywhere have I encountered a newspaper which has a blatant partisan bias as yours.

Recently I was astounded to find Shorten bashing in no less than 15 articles spanning virtually every column of every page of the Weekend Australian including the business section, all telling us how naughty he is and that our savings will disappear should he ever get elected to power.

To be clear I will not vote labour unless thumb-screwed, but I found your paper embarrassing.

This morning (Feb 15) seeing in one of your headlines that something (be it finch or striking school children matters little to me) had managed to interrupt the fiendishly dangerous and scurrilous Adani mine plan, made me so ecstatic that I softened and bought your paper only to find that the article, whilst quoting in detail everything Adani promises for Queensland (despite their/his proven track record when it comes to alternative fact-mongering) along with Adani’s ‘attacks’, Adani’s ‘opinions’, and Adani’s ‘criticisms’ of Brendan Wintle, you actually omitted to quote one single word from the expert himself, even though he was assigned this task by the Queensland government.

This is not journalism.

You have become a propaganda machine, no doubt kowtowing to your lord and master on every single column of your paper. I shall continue to buy it occasionally though, as it is the only one large enough to wrap up my cat litter each week.