22 February 2019

Recent polling data has revealed strong majority opposition to changes to birth certificates in Tasmania with 71 percent of all voters opposed to the policy.

The Australian Christian Lobby is urging the Legislative Council to seriously consider the strong opposition to the bill.

“The bill was only ever supposed to be a simple legislative process to bring Tasmania in line with the Commonwealth Marriage Act, nothing more,” commented ACL’s acting state director Dan Flynn.

“This is why it’s been worrying to see it almost successfully co-opted by the transgender rights movement as a mechanism for sex change by mere identification as the opposite sex.

“These amendments will potentially impact the lives all Tasmanians, so it is important that the community is afforded the opportunity to have their say. This newest polling data clearly suggests that most people don’t want gender being removed from birth certificates.”

The Australian Christian Lobby remains deeply concerned about the consequences these amendments could have for a myriad of reasons. These include, biological men having access to women-only facilities, the potential for vexatious claims against people who ‘mis-gender’ another person, as well as religious marriage celebrants and ministers who turn down a request to marry 2 people of the same biological sex who have different sex recorded on their birth certificates.

“ACL has consistently warned that the pressure to conform to this radical gender agenda is the natural step after de-gendering marriage,” warned Mr Flynn.