Saturday 9 February 2019 Official Launch – 11.30am – 12pm Open Your Albums – 12pm – 1pm

The public is invited to the official launch of The Robinson Project, a collaborative curatorial project between members of the community and curator Erin Wilson, at the Devonport Regional Gallery on Saturday 9 February.
The Robinson Project aims to broaden access to the Robinson Collection and to allow members of the community to lead the selection and discussion of these photographs.
The Robinson Collection originates from the Robinson & Son Photographic Studio, operated by Bert and Albert Robinson in Devonport between 1927 and 1975. It contains over 100,000 photographic negatives capturing the social, domestic and commercial life of the North West region during the 20th Century and forms part of the Devonport City Council’s Permanent Collection.
Saturday’s Robinson Community Day will launch all three phases of this project – In Your Words, Facing Our Past and The Memory Bank.
In Your Words is an oral history exhibition sharing the stories of those who grew up in Devonport from the 1930s onwards; Facing Our Past is an exhibition resulting from a youth takeover of the Robinson Collection, where young people have created new works in response to the collection; and The Memory Bank is an online gallery of Robinson Collection images, which will be made available to the public online for the first time. Into the future new images will be added to the online gallery each month, based on requests from the community on the content they would like added.
Curator Erin Wilson said: “This event will celebrate the Robinson Collection and those who have dedicated their time over the last 30 years to keeping these photographs alive and accessible to the public, from the staff and volunteers who cleaned and catalogued the collection, to those working on the digitisation of the collection into the future. Without their work and vision, The Robinson Project would not have been possible.”
“We will also celebrate the contribution 14 community members have made through these two exhibitions, which bring together the voices of those who grew up in Devonport in the period the Robinsons photographed, alongside younger voices who are relooking at the collection from their own perspectives.”
Following the official opening a conversational Open Your Albums session will be held, where community members are invited to bring photographs from their own albums to show and share stories. Documentary photographs from inside the Robinson Studio, held in the Gallery’s archive, will also be shared at this session.