Tasmanian Polar Network welcomes investment in Australian Antarctic Station infrastructure
The Tasmanian Polar Network welcomes this week’s news of investment, as part of the Hobart City
deal, by the Federal Government of $450 million dollars over 10 years for the upgrade of Australian
Antarctic Station Infrastructure.

Richard Fader, Chairman of the Tasmanian Polar Network, said that the new significant investment in
the upgrading of Australia’s Continental Antarctic Stations will have considerable benefits for TPN
members and Tasmania as a whole. The increased number of personnel living and working in the
Antarctic and Sub Antarctic over the next decade to deliver, Australia’s new icebreaker, the newly
announced station upgrades, Macquarie Island rebuild, Traverse capability and the proposed paved
runway near Davis Station will increase the importance of Hobart as the leading gateway to the East
Antarctic and the business opportunities for Tasmanian businesses.

Tasmanian Polar Network member business have a wealth of experience in the supply of goods and
services to the Australian Antarctic Program and are looking forward to the opportunities the city
deal funding will bring and are pleased with the commitment by the State and Federal Governments
as part of the City Deal to engage with the TPN to continue to increase business for our members.

Richard Fader
Tasmanian Polar Network

Tasmanian Polar Network