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Published on 28 Feb 2017

What’s the sort of thing we do in a Uni Revue? This is the sort of thing we do in a Uni Revue. Want to see more like it? Book tickets now and come and see Uni Revue! Check out www.oldnick.org.au for info about Uni Revue shows and any other stuff Old Nick is up to, or just like us at facebook.com/theunirevue or even buy Revue merch at redbubble.com/people/oldnickco and show off your sick bogan style with a “Bogans” hoodie! If you’re looking for Revue tickets, book ’em at www.theatreroyal.com.au/shows/uni-revue-2018 for Hobart or https://theatrenorth.com.au/uni-revue… for Launceston!


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