Animal Liberation Tasmania (ALT) will be present at Elwick this Sunday from 10:30am onwards to peacefully protest the Hobart Cup and the Australian horse racing industry.

As an organisation ALT are opposed to any industry that profits from the exploitation of sentient animals, that utilises their bodies and lives for gain whilst negating the inherent rights of the individual. The horse racing industry denies horses their autonomy and inherent rights whilst seriously jeorpardising their welfare.

“Having read through countless stewards reports and articles I was shocked at the frequency of incidents on track such as heel clips or bodily contact between horses, resulting in horses galloping at high speed becoming unstable. Fractious behaviour in the barriers with horses rearing or lashing out. Horses pulling up lame, or bleeding from the nostrils, or presenting with cardiac arrhythmia post-race. And almost no meet passes without jockeys being reprimanded, fined or suspended for overuse of the whip or careless riding. It’s a miracle there aren’t more deaths at or on tracks; but we know significant numbers of deaths aren’t reported on from behind the scenes.” -Kristy Alger, spokesperson.

The industry itself does not adequately penalise participants when they do break racing regulations.

“You only have to look at Racing Victoria’s paltry four year ban of Darren Weir for the possession of three outlaws jiggers to determine where their priorities lie.” -Kristy Alger

The group will beseech cup attendees to not support the industry, invoking the memory of Grave Digger (killed in a catastrophic five horse fall at Elwick on 18/2/2018) and Quick Strike  (killed after breaking a cannon bone at the Hobart Cup in 2016), as well as all horses killed by this industry over the years.

“So many deaths on track, so many post-race. So many sent to the “doggers”. This is an industry that profits from the lives and deaths of countless animals and has no place in a progressive society.” -Kristy Alger