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Adam Brook’s Satire …

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  1. Rob Halton

    February 13, 2019 at 6:56 am

    So Brooks has gone eventually, it was pointless to have an elected rep. languishing in our Parliament who has been engaged in deceitful conduct that is serious enough never to see him as trustworthy to ever return to a Ministry.

    Joan Rylah confirmed on Monday she would nominate for the recount to replace Mr Brooks.
    In a recent statement she would revive the Tasmanian Forest “peace deal” which she said has destroyed jobs, business and families, which threatens the fabric of communities.

    Resulting from the bushfires it has been said 70,000 ha of commercial production forest has been destroyed of the 205,000ha of land mass burnt by the recent dry lightening strikes.
    As Parks are unable to manage the 70,000ha granted to them under the Tas Forest Agreement 2013 legislation there is a huge shadow now hanging over safe guarding our forests !

    Parks are incapable of managing their WHA for fire as their Fire Management Officer Paul Black said on the ABC news recently ” we will be developing Fire Management Plans for the WHA over the next couple of years!
    That being the case that makes Parks as potential causes of bushfires unable to be controlled, not only affecting their own Reserves but the broader picture of forests, rural communities including spread to built up areas affecting private properties and peoples lives.

    For decades Parks have been continually dragging their feet to manage broadscale fuel reduction and maintaining existing roads and fire trails throughout their areas of responsibility. Having no Fire management Plans in place at this late stage points to the return of forested lands of potential production forest areas back to STT to manage responsibly.

    Many of Parks fire ground practices are also dubious too, so there is an entire range of issues having their presence working within lands of adjoining multiple tenure that require closer investigation.

    The return of at least the potential timber production over the 70,000ha back under forestry control must form a part of the recent bushfires evaluation to ensure that future fire management practices satisfactorily covers all land in the State.
    Parks have clearly failed the entire Tasmanian community, their lack of Fire Management Plans and appreciation of fire risks rings alarm bells!

    • max

      February 13, 2019 at 1:01 pm

      Rob Halton…Resulting from the bushfires it has been said 70,000 ha of commercial production forest has been destroyed. 35,000 of that was plantations. This goes to prove that SST has as little control of fire as Parks.
      What is obviously needed is an overall fire control strategy and fuel reduction burns (FRB) are not the answer, if they were why did the plantations burn, surely they would have had FRB? Of the 205,000 ha of land mass burnt by the recent dry lightening strikes, how much was farm land? FRB’s do not work for farmers, no farmer is going to destroy his crops but dry grass is the primary source for fire from dry lightning strikes.
      What is obviously needed is an overall fire control strategy that will work for all comers, forestry, parks, plantations and farm land. FRB burns will not work for farms, parks or has been proven forestry and plantations.
      In a world of ever increasing temperature rises, longer dry periods, what may have worked are no longer going to offer the protection we all need. We need the means of instant response and it can only be done by governments.
      This fire has cost millions, possible a billion or more and the future is only going to give conditions for bigger and more extreme fires. We were lucky this time.
      Who is going pay for this fire let alone bigger fires? The federal government or taxpayers will foot this bill. We have a trained airforce who are standing by for war, equip then for instant response in fire fighting, they will become better trained, a win win for us all.

  2. Ted Mead

    February 12, 2019 at 1:52 pm

    Whilst I don’t condone vandalism, the offender certainly made an effort to get the point across.

    Seemingly every time a politician digs himself into a deep hole to the point where he/she has little choice but to resign, they pull out the old ill-health or family-issue statement.

    The Brooksy highly-questionable work code/dodgy ethic issue was only destined to push him further into the mire the more it was investigated.

    One of the great oxymoron quotes was on his campaigning billboard claiming “Brooksy working for you.”

    However the most disturbing words out of this parliamentary departure came from Ms O’Connor claiming that he was a good bloke “affable, likeable and good humoured” and furthermore mysteriously and tacitly supported his anti-green demeanour by claiming he had “spoken up for his Braddon constituency and loyally defended his Liberal colleagues”.

    The Liberals have obviously looked at the recount vote to Joan Rylah, who will trundle the same lame ideological ethic.

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