To everyone involved in fighting the fires in the Huon and supporting those of us impacted.

In particular my personal experience was of the Ranalagh Animal Evacuation Centre where the marvellous HVC staff, volunteers and general public’s care for all the animals left there was above and beyond any expectations. How fortunate were we to benefit from such well laid plans to utilize the show grounds for a wide cross section of our animals?

Horses, ponies, goats, geese, ducks, a few overflow cats, kittens and dogs from the main evac centre, 21 doves, 40 quail and of course lots of chickens and cockerels, to name but a few.  Even broody hens successfully hatched eggs during their time there!

The Lions Club volunteers kept up a delicious supply of snacks and sandwiches, including egg as our chickens valiantly tried to pay for their keep! Thank you also to those people and businesses who donated fruit, vegetables, feed and straw to the site.

I also benefited from the twice daily fire updates held at the Huonville PCYC, a reliable and extremely professional way of providing the most up to date information to residents. When the fires continued later it was even organized to live stream these updates. As rumors and heresay abounded and stress and weariness grew this was a trustworthy and reassuring source of information. Well done to local radio and the ABC for their extensive coverage.

Finally an especial thank you to the fire men, the police, the water bomber pilots and all those behind the scenes in logistics who ensured everything ran smoothly.

My thoughts are with those few who have lost their homes.

Stay safe everyone

Henrietta Manning  lives at Waterloo