ART FROM trash 2019

April 27 – may 5

Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre


Established in 1994 by Resource Work Cooperative, the ART FROM TRASH exhibition is the first and longest running exhibition of its kind.  This iconic and much-loved exhibition attracts over 130 artists and 5000 visitors annually.  Art from Trash has proved itself to be a powerful and much needed addition to the conversation around waste minimization and reuse.

Makers of all ages, styles and stages, from emerging talent to established practitioners, schools and community groups exhibit alongside each other in an exhibition of increasingly accomplished and thought-provoking works of art. The popularity and broad appeal of ART FROM TRASH continues to grow and we once again look to expand the event to keep our artists and audiences free of limitations.


EXHIBITION SET UP Tuesday 23 & WEDNESDAY 24 April (good pics)



with Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds


exhibition open to the public 10am Saturday April 27


We invite you to share word of our success and champion these local initiatives of global significance… and admire the great works of art made from discarded and rejected materials.




Resource Work Cooperative

Resource Work Cooperative is a non-profit Worker’s Cooperative, established in 1993 with the goals of reducing landfill, creating sustainable employment, and promoting waste minimisation in the community through creative and engaging educational projects. We operate the South Hobart Tip Shop, the Deconstruction service, the Community Pick-Up Service, a host of Education & Arts Programs and the annual Art from Trash exhibition. We also hold workshops and community tours of our operations all year round. We have been recognised for our achievements with numerous awards over the years, including the Dr Edward Hall Environment Award, The Small Business Sustainability Award, and the Minister’s Choice Award in the Tasmanian Awards for Environmental Excellence.


Re-use Arts

In modern western culture, the things we regard as waste are the abject – abhorrent, intolerable, and quickly hidden from our view by the dissociative processes of disposal, collection and landfilling. Although they were once things of use, purpose, subjectivity and meaning, our current approach to waste means they are largely destined to be cast out of the cultural world forever. Nevertheless, the material reality of these objects remains. Buried, forgotten, and largely unseen, they cause untold pollution and disruption to ecological processes.

Re-use art presents us not with a horrific dystopian vision of this situation, but with an articulation of alternative possibilities and a celebration of the transformation of discarded things into works of cultural significance. A globally significant phenomenon, re-use art encompasses practitioners and projects such as the Mutoid Waste Company, the Museum of Contemporary Rubbish, the Junkyard Museum of Awkward Things, the Narrating Waste project and the Significant Objects project, to name but a few.

Resource Work Cooperative’s Art From Trash exhibition is a proud part of this significant body of arts practice, and approaches the subject with a community focus that situates the exhibition, and the works created therein, firmly in the social and cultural context of Tasmania.