World Leprosy Sunday (last Sunday in January – Jan 27, 2019)

Every 2 minutes, one person is diagnosed with leprosy.

For over 60 years, on the last Sunday of January, people around the world have observed World Leprosy Day by remembering and praying for those living with the terrible effects of leprosy.

World Leprosy Day was the idea of the great French humanitarian, Raoul Follereau, who dedicated many years to fundraising and helping those affected by leprosy. Initially, this day of prayer was to achieve two things. First, Follereau believed that those affected by leprosy should receive the same respect, dignity and quality of care as any other patient. Second, he wanted greater awareness of the disease in order to change attitudes and to reduce stigma.

60 years later, those are still the objectives of World Leprosy Day, though we now also invite people to raise awareness and knowledge about leprosy, the fact that it is now curable and to change attitudes that stigmatise and marginalise people affected by the disease.  People are also invited to give a financial gift that supports daily efforts working to achieve these goals.

During the months following World Leprosy Day (27 January 2019), join churches around the world and hold your own World Leprosy Sunday event at your church or group.  Or attend one of the events run nationally by The Leprosy Mission Australia:

1800 LEPROSY (1800 537 767)

More information on World Leprosy Day from The World Health Organisation (WHO):

The Leprosy Mission Australia

Belinda Pettman | Marketing Coordinator