A celebration of the Rum Rebellion in Sydney Town will be held at York Town on Saturday 26th January 2019 at 3-00pm.

This will celebrate the day when the government of Australia, (the British bit!) became vested in Colonel William Paterson, owing to the military coup staged by the “Rum Corps” in Sydney, the Rum Rebellion! On that day, 26 January 1808, Governor Capt. William Bligh was arrested by troops of the NSW regiment. As his Lt. Governor, Paterson automatically became Governor and the national seat of government became York Town.

The event is being co-ordinated by Cr. Peter Kearney (West Tamar Councillor). Special guests will include local best-selling author Mr Stephen Dando-Collins and Mr John Dent (President of the West Tamar Historical Society). Stephen is the author of the book ‘Captain Bligh’s Other Mutiny’ which deals with the events of the rum rebellion.

The celebration will commence at 3-00 pm. Cr. Peter Kearney will be the MC. The programme will consist of a welcome and an introduction of special guests. Then John Dent will speak, followed by Stephen Dando-Collins. A brief opportunity will be given for any others to speak. Then participants will then be invited to toast “Rum Rebellion Day” with small quantities of rum (or water)! Please bring your own supplies. Participants are encouraged to socialise after the event.

Anybody who is interested is invited to attend. The celebration will be held at the York Town memorial adjacent to the West Tamar Highway at York Town.  Bring a folding chair and something to drink. A hat may be a good idea.

The timing of this event has been deliberately chosen so it does not conflict with Australia Day events on the West Tamar. Those leaving the Greens Beach event may wish to stop off on their way home.