Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has signalled he will not meet with Rupert Murdoch, breaking a long tradition of Australian political leaders who felt compelled to pay court to the media proprietor who has used his company’s influence in Australian, British and US politics for decades.

7.30 has been told that Mr Shorten was given an open invitation to meet with Mr Murdoch whenever he was in the United States.

But Mr Murdoch was politely told that would not be necessary as Mr Shorten would deal with the Australian representatives of the company.

“I will deal with the Australian representatives of every media company,” Mr Shorten told 7.30.

“News Limited (sic) and Mr Murdoch shouldn’t take that as any view on him in particular.

“I’ll deal with their local management just as I deal with the local management of the ABC.

“But my real conversation is not with the rich and powerful in this country …