Women artists have been the subject of varying degrees of critical attention and neglect throughout history.

An exhibition at Moonah Arts Centre (MAC) titled Australian Women Artists, Collected by Australian Women, turns the spotlight on our own women artists. In an interesting take on the theme, these artworks have also been collected by Australian Women.

With the assistance of Hobart’s Bett Gallery, 24 Tasmanian women have formed the Artemisia Collecting Group. Recognising a gender imbalance in the arts, they decided to focus their collection on women artists.

Together they have amassed an impressive collection of 31 artworks – all by Australian women artists whose work is nationally and internationally recognised.

This exhibition is the first and only opportunity to see the whole collection together in one place.

“It’s great for us here in Glenorchy. People living locally will be able to see works by internationally recognised artists – like Destiny Deacon, Joan Ross, and Rachel Ungwanaka Kngwarria – right on their doorstep” says Rebecca Holmes, MAC’s Visual Arts Program Officer.

Rebecca says, “women historically have been underrepresented in galleries and collections worldwide, so presenting this collection is really important in redressing this imbalance.”

The Artemisia Collecting Group is named after the 17th Century Italian painter Artemisia Gentileschi, who is regarded as one of the most accomplished painters in her generation at a time when female painters were almost unknown.

The Artemisia Collecting Group hopes to inspire more Tasmanians to enjoy and explore art, and most importantly, to support more women artists.

Australian Women Artists, Collected by Australian Women runs from 15 February until 9 March.

Entry to the exhibition is free.