Hi all, I have decided that I should let you all know that during 2018 I did put my hand up to run against Senator Nick McKim in an internal preselection ballot of the lead senate position.

The Tasmanian Greens Executive never explained to me why that did not occur. Recently I also put my hand up to run as a support candidate on the senate ticket. This time the Tasmanian Greens Executive decided not to allow my name to be put to Greens members in a members ballot.

I appealed this decision and the State Convenor (Scott Jordan), emailed me last night that the Tasmanian Greens Executive dismissed my appeal.

The reasons given to me as a result of the executives’ original decision on 11 December 2018 were that I would be too unpopular and there were matters based on malicious gossip, related back to when I lived in Queensland. The gossip has been used as a matter of convenience by the executive, from time to time, as to whether they would allow my name was added to an internal ballot of members, or not, over the past four years.

I addressed both of the executives’ explanations as outlined in their original decision in my appeal document. However they did not directly respond to my arguments when dismissing my appeal.

I feel it is only right you all know this, as so far it appears that Nick McKim is the only name to be put on the Greens Senate ticket for Tasmania at the next federal election.

I have done all I can to change that and I now think the only way I could have succeeded is if I had a close association with the members of the executive.

However I may try again at some stage to run for public office and represent my communities interests in the electorate of Braddon and Tasmania.

Please feel free to contact me should wish to have a further conversation with me about this matter.

Kind regards,

Matthew Ryan-Sykes

Former Greens Councillor of the West Coast Council

Matthew Ryan-Sykes Facebook page: HERE