lutruwita, Tasmania is on fire right now. It is burning through tree colonies that are a thousand years old (“ancient, gondwanan”), through our friends’ houses, and sending pulses of dense smoke through the clear skies.

What’s it like where you are in the world?

Islands and Cities, The Third Script and Smoke One have seen us publish stories from writers all over the world. Our fourth collection, with the working title Working Title, or Caravan, or Unknown is getting closer to your reading eyes. We have gratefully received submissions from writers from Iran, India and Tasmania, and we thank them for their patience. We will start revealing our selections soon.

The stories are purringly, sometimes shockingly good, and we look forward to bringing them to you as a book – a process which takes a bit of work, takes a bit of time and a bit of money, To help us do this we’re offering pre-sales and a plethora of rewards through our upcoming crowdfunding campaign.
Watch this space.

We love you, we haven’t forgotten you,
Transportation Press