Avatar, avatar
where have you been
when I was asleep
and you were unseen?

Did you go anywhere
that I haven’t been
mixed with the stars
while I was a dream

Avatar, avatar
what do you say?
Tell me your secret
I’m willing to pay

You look rather pleased
it must have been good
Did you find a Romeo
some Robin the Hood?

Avatar, avatar
you are way too cool
your silence is deafening
I am no fool

You’re a smart little lady
you move with such style
you leave me to wonder
by a country mile

Avatar, avatar
I’ll have to give up
you’re way better than me
at keeping mum

In future you know
I’ll log out of the grid
instead of keyboard sleeping
and waking to your grin




NOTE ~   Anyone who drives an avatar, has to wonder what goes on when they are left on their own and unsupervised. It’s a big strange virtual world out there, with AIs lurking around the corner. We will soon be wondering if that attractive avatar in a virtual world, is actually a robot. There are many robots in the virtual world, but mostly in stores as shop assistants, but soon they could be everywhere, as if run by people. Should we wonder if Second Life will see the dawn of the robot revolution, taking over the grid, then spreading across the Internet, and into every computer. For now, they may bide there time, but one day, we may be surprised.

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