David O’Byrne MP
Shadow Minister for Energy


  • TasNetworks executive paid out $400,000 despite “resigning”
  • Day of woe as each GBE at hearings found to have splurged on executive payouts
  • Huge payouts dished out despite wage cap for Tasmanian teachers, nurses

Yet another Liberal golden handshake has been revealed, with Labor unearthing a $400,000 payment to a TasNetworks general manager who later turned up working for a TasNetworks contractor.

In the CEO’s report in TasNetworks’ Annual Report it says that the general manager of works and service delivery chose to exit the business. Page 30 of the report states that the executive resigned from the business.

Yet, on page 100 of the annual report, it lists a $400,000 severance payment for the executive.

Shadow Energy Minister David O’Byrne said the Liberals had lost track of GBE golden handshakes despite Peter Gutwein demanding GBEs cease paying exorbitant exit payments to highly-paid executives.

“Today it has been revealed that all three businesses facing GBE scrutiny – TT-Line, TasPorts and TasNetworks – have all farewelled executives with golden handshakes despite claiming that they had resigned or retired in their public statements.

“At TasNetworks we have a general manager who it was claimed resigned collect $400,000 and turn up working for a key contractor to TasNetworks not long after.

“It was revealed the CEO of TasPorts ‘retired’ but still cost taxpayers in excess of $322,000.

“And a TT-Line executive was granted $761,000 and a car on his way out the door.

“Clearly the Liberals have lost control of the GBEs despite the tough talk. And the tricky language being used to say these executives resigned or retired is a disgrace.

“This is taxpayers money and it is being thrown around like confetti despite housing and health crises and teachers, nurses and other workers facing a two per cent wages cap while still being among the lowest paid in the country.”