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Voula Delios: Prison advocates warn of repeat killings unless mental health addressed in jail

The union representing Tasmania’s prison workers wants an “urgent review” into the circumstances behind the release of a mentally ill inmate who stabbed a Hobart shopkeeper to death in her grocery store …

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  1. Kevin Moylan

    December 13, 2018 at 9:16 am

    Thanks, Kate and Steve. Please read my non-fiction book: “ONE FLEW OVER THE KOOKABURRA’S NEST” 2nd edition 2017 .. a shocking story about what wicked grief and reprisals are dished-out to ethical mental health advocates and ‘Involuntary Whistleblowers’ in brutal, corrupt and secret TasMANIA! ISBN 978-0-6480159-0-1

    Back cover: “This book is amazing. It is raw. It is brutal. It is confronting, heartfelt and heartwarming. [Kevin] had to heal from horrors that no-one should bear.” – Ged Kearney, President. Australian Council of Trade Unions. (At the book’s launch, Hobart, August 2016)

    “I recommend Kevin’s story to every nurse, patient and politician in Australia. He is one of the bravest people I have ever met.” – Jill Iliffe, Executive Secretary, Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Federation, London 2016

    Some KOOKABURRA quotes, p,148-224-225 (About Tasmania) TASSIE FEAR and SILENCE .. Tasmanian Mercury, February 29, 2004. p148-224-225. “In Tasmania the hunt for the truth is a confrontation with a culture of intimidation. We need a media which can pursue the role of the fourth estate and sources can supply that information, on the record without fear of intimidation. Transparency in this State is long overdue.” – Lindsay Simpson. University of Tasmania.

    “A Darwinian mutation separated by time and space. It’s a strange kind of shady world. The world of governments in Tasmania, where nothing is transparent and nothing is what it seems.” – Charles Wooley, 60 Minutes.

    “Nurses are more likely to be victims of violence in the workplace than police or prison officers.” – Australian Bureau of Crime, 1998.

    “It is with sadness that I feel it must be stated, Mr Moylan has been denied natural justice.” – Hon Peg Putt, Tasmanian Greens Leader.

    Launceston Examiner, June 15, 2008. By Alison Andrews. “We (four nurses) had ‘death threats’ – it was unforgivable. THEY could have completely us.” – Jo Ottoway..Whistleblower, Launceston psychiatric WARD 1E (Never investigated by police. How come, and why not?)

    “Whistleblowing is a legitimate form of action in a democracy.” – Jocelyn Newman. Liberal Senator 1997

    “Howard wants to jail whistleblowers.” – Sydney Sun Herald, May 2002

    “Two years jail for any doctor of nurse who speaks out.” – Tony Abbott 2015.

    Australian Nursing Journal, February 2002. Feature Story: “Blowing the Whistle – The Costs of Speaking Out”..“In three decades, there is not a whistleblower protection act in Australia that has protected a single whistleblower.” Isla MacGregor, Dissent Network Australia.

    “If you must sin, sin against god, not the bureaucracy. God will forgive you but the bureaucracy never will” – Admiral Hyman Rickover.

    Steve … All the best with JusTas. I support your work and dedication. All persons/prisoners have the human right to achieve rehabilitation and communal integration. Many prisoners are tormented and are needlessly suffering for the sins and crimes of the untouchables, immune from Tasmanian law, and most of whom wear uniforms, flash suits and designer outfits.

    Compulsory reading for all those incarcerated: “For The Term of His Natural Life.” – Marcus Clarke. “Made worse because of his innocence”.

    Steve: I Will write a Risdon psychiatric patient/prisoner case history soon. 17 years-old, he hanged himself after being raped by seasoned criminals ..something which still makes my blood boil … (to be continued).

    When is the Voula Delious Inquest? Public, I hope.

    • Kate

      December 16, 2018 at 2:34 am

      OK, Kevin.

      I had asked you something directly, and your response was to try to sell me a book. You would/should be familiar with the term “loosening of association”.

  2. Kevin Moylan

    December 9, 2018 at 8:15 am

    Tasmania’s mental health services, forensic and adolescent psychiatry, acute services and community psychiatric nursing are incompetent and negligent, cruel and uncaring, and they have never met or adhered to ‘National Standards of Care and Competency’ (1987). Greg Barns is spot on in describing the system as 19th century, where custodial care is the only care.

    ‘Only in backward Tasmania’ is it possible for prison guards to diagnose a chronic schizophrenic as “faking it, putting it on” (signs and symptoms). Reports state that he (Mr Cook) was clearly floridly psychotic many months before this tragic and avoidable random murder of an innocent citizen. Many serious questions remain unresolved:

    Did a forensic psychiatrist assess the patient/prisoner prior to his early release? If so, what was their diagnosis and treatment plan? If not, why not? Why wasn’t the patient/prisoner placed on a Community Treatment Order to ensure he was medication compliant? Was Mr Cook afforded a discharge treatment plan and referred to a specialist or Community Psychiatric Nursing team? If he had a cardiac condition a ‘specialist’ would monitor his ‘physical’ health.

    It is obvious Mr Cook was suffering and tormented by systematised persecutory delusions and serious thought disorders for which he was not being treated. Now he has been locked away indefinitely at the Governor’s Pleasure, maybe forever.

    When is the inquest? Where are all his highly paid advocates (Mental Health Council, Advocacy Tasmania, ANMF) to represent this neglected and very sick psychiatric patient? Only HACSU have spoken out in the public interest.

    During the 1990s I was a member of Risdon Prisoners Support Group, following the negligent deaths of four patients/inmates at the Wilfred Lopes psychiatric unit. Psychiatrist, Dr Alan Jaeger, was dismissed and then an inquiry was held by magistrate, Ms Shan Tennant. Dr Lopes, who had professionally managed Risdon for twenty years without major incident, then became a post-retirement whistleblower about the deficiencies and lack of professional accountability. Sadly and shockingly, nothing has changed or improved since that time.

    Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, has promised a Mental Health Royal Commission following the spate of crimes and deaths in Melbourne. ALL the (psychotic) perpetrators had pre-existing psychiatric conditions, many of which were also ‘untreated’ ticking time bombs .. depending upon how their ‘illness’ manifested itself.

    The last and only Tasmanian Mental Health Royal Commission was in 1906. It was the ‘Lunacy Act’. It is way past time for Tasmania to conduct a Royal Commission and appoint a Minister for Mental Health, and solely that. Current Health Minister Ferguson is inept, uncaring and unable to perform this critical duty. This is why Tasmanian psychiatry is still in the dark ages and why no-one wants to work or belong in such a dickensian system of neglect and inhumanity.

    Kevin Moylan. Registered Psychiatric Nurse RPN. 1980 (Vic) – 2018.

    • Kate

      December 9, 2018 at 12:49 pm

      You have some interesting points there, Kevin.

      I have a couple of questions. I understand that under the 2013 Mental Health act, patients are not permitted to be involuntarily restrained for the purpose of medicating them. So what if he was not on bail? And even if he was on a care plan, what could be done if he decided to be non-compliant with a problem, specifically with Schizophrenia?

    • steve menadue

      December 9, 2018 at 2:15 pm

      Kevin, JusTas is an organisation that is hoping to address these and other reintegration and restorative justice issues.

      It is not just another talkfest. Check out its website if you haven’t already.


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